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Stephen Stills becomes Papa

Stephen Stills (from Crosby, Stills & Nash), 59 years old, became again papa this past week in Beverly Hills, California. The mother is Kristen, 38 years old. The new baby is a boy, born monday before 4 p.m. in Los Angeles: Oliver Ragland Stills, weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces. Oliver Ragland, was named in honor of Stills' frequent bandmate Neil Young (news), born Neil Percival Kenneth Ragland Young.

Stephen Stills has already several children. The best known are Chris Stills and Jennifer Stills. Chris Stills's mother is french singer-songwriter-pianist Veronique Sanson. Jennifer Stills is an artist too. She is a singer-songwriter. See her website there.

Stephen Stills' consummate, innovative musicianship has established him as an eminent solo performer and as the cornerstone of the supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash.

For four decades, Stephen Stills' music has spanned generations and cultural borders, entertaining millions of listeners throughout the world. His unique guitar style and phrasing has garnered Stills a well deserved spot among the best players in the world.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Stephen Stills was reared in Illinois, Louisiana, Florida and Central America. Inspired by the first music heard in church, Stills began taking piano lessons as a youngster, later developing an interest in drums and guitar. High school was completed in the Republic of Panama and Costa Rica, where Stephen Stills' musical roots were heavily influenced by Latin music.

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This is Stephen Stills SIXTH child ... his second child with Kristen ... their older son is Henry ... his kids are listed below ...

Chris Stills
Jen Stills
Justin Stills
Eleanor Stills
Henry Stills
Oliver Stills

Congrats! What a lucky mother!
Stephen, I have a song for you to record,unlike any you have ever heard. You gotta eme and read these lyrics,so you!
All my best to you and yours!

who ever wrote that comment , you obviously don't know enough about Stephen Stills, because you have forgotton one of his children , his 13 year-old daughter, Alexandra Stills

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