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Stevie Wonder Stars in a TV Ad Encouraging African-American Voters: "On November 2, Vote With All Your Might". In the final push toward Election Day, the November 2 campaign has unveiled a new TV advertisement and public service announcement featuring Stevie Wonder that they hope will encourage African-American voters to hit the polls in record numbers, even in the face of reports of voter fraud and intimidation in communities across the country.

The PSA features images of ordinary people of color against rural and urban backdrops wearing the campaign's signature "November 2" T-shirts. Stevie Wonder plays his rendition of "America the Beautiful" on the harmonica and says: "Many fought for the right. Many died for the right. You can't just talk about how you want this country to be. On November 2, vote with all your might."

The television and radio ads will be broadcast during television programming popular with African-American audiences in Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Orlando and Miami. Visit to view the ad.

November 2 campaign organizers say they hope the ad will encourage the country to stand up and vote, especially relevant to African-Americans in the face of growing documented reports of voter intimidation and fraud. In Oregon and Nevada, voter registration forms were destroyed by the firm hired to collect them. In Columbus, Ohio, dozens of local voters received phone calls from people fraudulently claiming to represent the local county board of elections, telling them to go to the wrong voting location on Election Day. In Florida, 75,000 absentee ballots had to be re-mailed after they disappeared from the post office.

"This year, we're not backing down," said Mark Ritchie, executive director for National Voice, which is managing the November 2 campaign. "We won't have a repeat of Florida 2000 -- or Mississippi 1964, for that matter. On November 2, we're going to make sure everyone who wants to vote, does vote."

The November 2 campaign is encouraging people who experience or witness an incident of voter intimidation on Election Day to get help by calling 866-OUR-VOTE and document the incident online at The campaign also encourages voters to support one another, and asks that the polls stay open until every eligible voter has cast their ballot.

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