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Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 (Michael Moore) Now Free At Russell Beattie Blog


Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 (Michael Moore) Now Free At Russell Beattie Blog. Famous blogger Russell Beattie has just put a link directly to download the Michael Moore Documentary "Watch Fahrenheit 9/11" for free.

See Russell Beattie article there:
"Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 Now
Posted on Friday, October 29, 2004 08:44:51 PM
Please feel free to check out Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 online in streaming video now (available until I get a takedown order). I snagged the movie file from somewhere online and all I could find was Windows .wmv format, sorry.
I think this is a very important movie to see, especially in light of today's news. It's a very small screen version, with not very clear sound around 40MB. Please feel free to "Save As" to watch it on your mobile device later if you like.

The comments of the same article indicate mirror websites to download the film.

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