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November 26, 2004


I knew her as songer, but after the show I knew she is bigger than that. I love you Alicia and I love Oprah.I saw you in oprah's show. Dear Alicia I tried to contact Oprah for a long time but I couldn't I need her to help me by treating my infertility I am dreaming to be a mom having a baby. And now I want to help you But I have no money to donate but I can work with people with HIV/AIDS I have experience before in african country.Thank you and God bless you,,,Samiya

It great to learn what Alicia Keys is doing to help the needy and helpless people over here. Otherwise, we believed celebrities are shielded from the truth and suffering from this part of the world. We have in the past heard of people with estates worth millions of dollars when majority of people over here cannot afford a meal yet non has come to their help.

We have gone through a hard time just to source even US$ 100,000 to give back life to the dying HIV/AIDS patients in Kenya which has proved impossible. We have in the past gone from street to street begging for as less as US$0.125 to make up for the treatment of the communities we serve.

Africaid (Kenya) has been on the forefront to the fight against poverty and human suffering whether with or without money. The local youth have identified themselves with us and are giving their energy and time to fight AIDS and poverty through us as volunteers.

We will be happy to have support from any source to enable us make a wider impact. We have in the past reached 3,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in Nairobi and the rural. see our site

George Wafukho,
Executive Director.

i think what alicia keys did for those kids was very nice. i saw when she was on oprah i saw the video clip of when she was there, it was amazing. i also saw her get a check worth alot of money from oprah god is gonna bless alicia. i love her. shes very talented . well thats all peace out. amber

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