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Simon & Garfunkel: Old Friends Live on Stage


Simon & Garfunkel "Old Friends Live on Stage" 2-CD and 1-DVD set is released November 30 (Warner Brothers). For an entire generation, the concert event of the new millennium was the 2003 Old Friends tour from Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Their first national concert tour in two decades, performing songs that rank among the most memorable of the ’60s, was a sold-out sensation in more than 30 cities across the country. Now many of those unforgettable performances are heard on the 2-CD set "Old Friends Live On Stage," as well as a DVD and a Deluxe Edition with both the DVD and the CDs. The songs of Simon & Garfunkel have never sounded better.

Simon & Garfunkel "Old Friends Live on Stage" two-CD plus DVD live set (recorded in December 2003 at the Meadowlands and Madison Square Garden) shows their musical chemistry has transcended the years--and no small amount of acrimony. But while their '80s live reunion was marked by an aura of celebration, this one floats on an undercurrent of bittersweet resolve. There's no mistaking the elegiac tone of the title track, while stark readings of "Hazy Shade of Winter" and "Sounds of Silence" can't help but evoke the scars of 9/11. A musical circle is completed as the Everly Brothers step in for a joyous "Bye Bye Love," while elsewhere Simon's musical restlessness inspires a subtly jazzy reworking of "Slip Slidin' Away" and Garfunkel adds his stately grace to his partner's "American Tune." The album concludes with S&G's first new studio recording in 30 years, the plaintive, irony-studded plea, "Citizen of the Planet."

Simon & Garfunkel "Old Friends Live on Stage" (2 CD/1 DVD) tracklisting:
Disc 1:
1. Old Friends/Bookends
2. A Hazy Shade of Winter
3. I Am A Rock
4. America
5. At the Zoo
6. Baby Driver
7. Kathy’s Song
8. Tom and Jerry Story
9. Hey, Schoolgirl
10. The Everly Brothers Intro
11. Bye Bye Love (The Everly Brothers with Simon & Garfunkel)
12. Scarborough Fair
13. Homeward Bound
14. The Sound of Silence

Disc 2:
1. Mrs. Robinson
2. Slip Slidin' Away
3. El Condor Pasa
4. The Only Living Boy in New York
5. American Tune
6. My Little Town
7. Bridge Over Troubled Water
8. Cecilia
9. The Boxer
10. Leaves That Are Green
11. Bonus Track: Citizen of the Planet

Disc 3:
1. Opening Montage (America inst.)
2. Old Friends/Bookends
3. A Hazy Shade of Winter
4. I Am A Rock
5. America
6. At the Zoo
7. Baby Driver
8. Kathy's Song
9. Tom and Jerry Story
10. Hey, Schoolgirl
11. The Everly Brothers Intro
12. Wake Up Little Susie
13. All I Have To Do Is Dream
14. Bye Bye Love (The Everly Brothers with Simon & Garfunkel)
15. Scarborough Fair
16. Homeward Bound
17. The Sound of Silence
18. Opening Montage
19. Mrs. Robinson
20. Slip Slidin' Away
21. El Condor Pasa
22. Keep The Customer Satisfied
23. The Only Living Boy in New York
24. American Tune
25. My Little Town
26. Bridge Over Troubled Water
27. Cecilia
28. The Boxer
29. Leaves That Are Green
30. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)

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