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UMe Digital announces albums only available online from Rusty Anderson, Black 'N Blue, John Jorgenson and Dan Reed


UMe Digital announces albums only available online from Rusty Anderson, Black 'N Blue, John Jorgenson and Dan Reed. UMe Digital, World's First All-Digital Download Label from a Major Music Company, Set for Debut; Label Announces Initial Releases; Offers Unprecedented Access and Exposure for Artists

On November 23, 2004, the debut of UMe Digital, the world's first all-digital download label from a major music company. UMe Digital product -- individual songs, EPs, and full-length albums -- will be distributed exclusively online.

The releases on UMe Digital will be consistent with UMe's philosophy of marketing established acts and acts who already have an established fan base. Available on November 23 via all online music services will be recordings from renowned guitarist Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney, Stewart Copeland), guitar giant John Jorgenson (Elton John, Desert Rose Band, Hellecasters), Modern Rock innovator Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network) and legendary Hard Rockers Black 'N Blue, and singer/songwriter Will Owsley (Shania Twain and Amy Grant guitarist).

In addition to its marketing expertise, UMe Digital provides the technical expertise and production in the encoding and online delivery in the format each site requires. Unlike in the physical world, in virtually no time, perhaps only a week or two after entering into a deal, an artist's music can be online everywhere.

UMe Digital presents an auspicious opportunity for artists who are between deals and those who have deals but own their recording masters, particularly for live and/or acoustic tracks and previously unreleased recordings such as outtakes and demos. An artist may release a CD on one label and release other product via UMe Digital.

As for the future, Gilbert anticipates that the number of recordings and artists will progressively expand. Also, he added, "When artists find success with downloads, we may opt for a physical release as well."

UMe Digital will be available at all of the top online retailers and music services, including Apple iTunes Music Store, Napster, Tower Records Online, Microsoft Music Service, Virgin Digital, MusicNet, Liquid/, Real/Rhapsody, MusicMatch, MusicNow, Sony-Connect, FYE online, and

Some UMe Digital Artists:

Rusty Anderson "Undressing Underwater" (Album)
Featuring guest appearances by Paul McCartney and Stewart Copeland, "Undressing Underwater" shines the spotlight on a guitarist-singer-songwriter who continues to break new ground. Heard on recordings from Paul McCartney, Copeland, Perry Farrell, the Wallflowers, Elton John, Courtney Love, Stanley Clarke, The New Radicals, and Sinead O'Connor, Rusty Anderson has lent his talents to Oscar-nominated and Grammy-winning tracks. "Undressing Underwater," his debut album, was produced by Anderson, David Kahne, Mudrock, and Parthenon Huxley.

Black 'N Blue "One Night Only - Live!" (Album)
A heavy metal band from the Pacific Northwest, Black 'N Blue boasted four albums in the '80s for Geffen Records, produced by such heavyweights as Gene Simmons (KISS), Dieter Dierks (Scorpions), and Bruce Fairbairn (Aerosmith). With MTV favorite "Hold On To 18" and songs such as "Without Love," "Miss Mystery," "Nasty, Nasty," "I Want It All, I Want It Now," "Does She Or Doesn't She," and "Live It Up," Black 'N Blue helped define the decade of metal. "One Night Only - Live!," produced by Pat Regan (Deep Purple, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow), is a recording of a one-off reunion show staged by Portland, Oregon's favorite hard rock sons at that city's Key Largo club on Halloween 1997.

John Jorgenson "Franco-American Swing" (Album)
In the words of Elton John, John Jorgenson's guitar work is "brilliant, f---ing brilliant!" Bonnie Raitt, Bob Seger, Hank Williams Jr., Barbra Streisand, The Byrds, Rose Maddox, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, and John Prine are among the other artists whose CDs feature this three-time winner of the Academy of Country Music award for Guitarist of the Year. In 1986 Jorgenson formed country-rock's Desert Rose Band. With their second album, 1988's "Running," they were named the Academy of Country Music's Touring Band of the Year, an honor repeated in 1989 and 1990 (years they were also nominated as the Country Music Association's Best Vocal Group). Jorgenson then formed the Hellecasters -- three lead guitarists, no vocalist. "The Return Of The Hellecasters," their debut, was voted Album of the Year and Country Album of the Year in 1993 by Guitar Player magazine's Reader's Poll. He then recorded and toured with Elton John, a collaboration that lasted six years. Jorgenson's solo debut, "Emotional Savant," was issued in 1999.

Dan Reed "Sharp Turn" (Album)
One of Portland, Oregon's most successful artists has been Dan Reed, whose Dan Reed Network was a standard-setter for innovative rock in the '80s and early '90s. After three Polygram albums with cumulative worldwide sales of more than 1,500,000 copies, Dan Reed backed out of the rock arena to focus on stage acting, as well as producing and directing independent films. Never losing his passion for music, Dan Reed is in the studio once again, defying genre boundaries and stretching rock into new shapes and forms with "Untangled Daydream," a project leaning to the electronic and featuring stunningly beautiful soundscapes.

Dan Reed Collection Network "Collection (Import)" album: ORDER IT NOW.


I'm so thankful I stumbled across this link. I thought Dan Reed had left behind music for good. Now I anxiously await new music outside of the Sharp Turn music (which I just picked up yesterday)... Good stuff!

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