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Jen Woodhouse: This Honest Age


Jen Woodhouse "This Honest Age" new album was independently released December 19. Dynamic, folk-rock with a splash of Jazz... Think of Jonatha Brooke.
Intelligent, contemplative lyrics reminiscent of Jonatha Brooke and Sarah McLachlan paired with imaginative, guitar-driven melodies and the fearless, soaring vocal improvisational style of Betty Carter and Ella Fitzgerald.

With an irrepressible urge to succeed and the tools necessary to take her there, Jen Woodhouse will soon be at the top of her game. Jen Woodhouse earned her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre at the prestigious University of the Arts tucked in the heart of central Philadelphia. In a tight-knit, conservatory-setting, she honed her craft and nurtured her talents. Jen's warm stage presence and imaginative songwriting prove her as a remarkable musical force.

To be a great artist one must possess the right instruments. Jen Woodhouse's greatest instrument is her voice. Combining her formal training in classical and Jazz music with today's relevant musical landscape, she creates a sound so unique and noteworthy; it is one to be reckoned with.

A strong Jazz and Blues influence can be found weaving throughout her work. Jazz vocal improvisation, or scatting, is a skill she blends into her soulful, guitar-driven sound. Jen Woodhouse sites her influences as the legendary Dexter Gordon and great Ella Fitzgerald for her improvisation skills. She also includes the music of The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, and Tori Amos as songwriting influences.

"If you are well-read as an artist, you have so much more to pull from. That makes your work more interesting and versatile. I have had the luxury of being trained in a wide spectrum of genres; I can draw from these teachings, and serve it up when it's right."

Jen Woodhouse began immersing herself in the diverse music scene of Philadelphia, New York City, and Chicago. While attending college in Philly, she spent her free moments in Manhattan auditioning, listening to new bands, and playing. After earning her degree, she moved to Chicago with her books, clothes, guitar, and $400 in tow. Within months, she was performing at local venues, playing with distinguished artists such as Von Freeman, J.D. Walter, and Harry Case, among many others.

Jen Woodhouse dedicates herself to developing her performing skills, combining her radiant stage presence with her powerful, dramatic vocals. An artist with an unmistakable passion for her craft, Jen Woodhouse surrenders herself to her work.

"It was never my choice to be an artist. It's a force that won't allow me to compromise."

In addition to her astounding ability, Jen Woodhouse possesses a sound that is both versatile and viable to today's listening audience. Well-read and armed with a passion that can't be ignored, Jen Woodhouse will soon be a household name. With the fortitude and drive that she holds so dear, it will not be far in the future.

"You've got to listen to whatever you can get your hands on. It has the power to inspire and educate you. I strongly believe that knowledge and truth in your art is what garners brilliance. As long as you're conveying your art truthfully, people will take notice."

Please also note that Jen Woodhouse has a blog that we put in our blogroll section.

Jen Woodhouse "This Honest Age" album tracklisting:
1. Breaking Point
2. Your Window
3. Searching for Orion
4. Halfway There
5. Not Myself
6. If Only
7. Walking in Winter
8. Turning Circles
9. Hello Beautiful
10. Corners of this Room

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