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Kate Bush new album in 2005


Kate Bush new album in 2005.

Kate Bush has announced in December 2004 that her new album is almost finished and will be out in 2005: "We'll let you know when" She says: "I'm so pleased with everyone's work on this record. There are some lovely performances and I hope you will all feel it's been worth the wait. Bertie keeps me very busy, he is so much fun."

Known contributors to the new album include Mick Karn (he says he played bass on a track called "How To Be Invisible"), drummer Stuart Elliott and Jazz percussionist Peter Erskine.

The late Michael Kamen wrote the string arrangements for two tracks which will appear on the new album - she recorded what she has described as "some beautiful orchestral movements" with him and the London Metropolitan Orchestra at Abbey Road in October 2003.

Chris Hall has played accordion on one track. Classical musicians Emma Murphy and Susanna Pell have also recorded for the album. Del Palmer is said to be engineering.

Kate Bush has had her new recording studio serviced and upgraded and started recording in late 1999. On May 23rd 2002 Kate received the Ivor Novello award for Outstanding Contribution To British Music By A Songwriter. Kate Bush appeared live for the first time in almost 15 years singing Comfortably Numb as David Gilmour's special guest at his Royal Festival Hall concert on January 18th 2002.

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There are lots of struggling musicians out there with tons of songs they WISH could be recorded and distributed by major labels. And then Kate Bush, after over ten years, decides to put out new music and we're all supposed to drop our jaws. I don't think there's anything amazing about this except the fact that she wasted so much precious time when the world really could have used her creativity. I'll be putting out a new CD this year, too. Does anyone care? I adore Kate, but I don't think she exactly cared about her fans for all this time.

I just have to say I am so disgusted by "street"'s reaction that I do even know how to respond, except that one can see there is no logical thought pattern in the argument he's making. I think it is quite obvious that nobody owes the world anything.

Okay "Street"....your comment regarding Kate is seething with jealousy! How sad it must be for you as a struggling artist carrying such bitterness towards a fellow artist that you would feel the need to knock her! Genuine fans of Kate, excluding yourself, would follow her and lift-up her lyrical tales til the end of time.

Furthermore, who are YOU to assume Ms. Bush's time has been 'wasted'? If you ask me...which I seriously doubt you would want to after reading this posting...I'd say it is you who is wasting time by spreading such negativity.

You mentioned you'll be dropping your own CD this year. You rhetorically asked if anyone cares. Unfortunately, I think you already know the answer to that question. Hmmmm, what goes around.....

I eagerly await the release of her new work. But until that day, month, or even year comes, I will continue to passionately embrace the work Ms. Bush has already shared with the world! Rock On, Kate!

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