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Billy Idol: Devil's Playground


The new Billy Idol album "Devil's Playground" will be in stores March 22nd (on Sanctuary Records) and "Scream" goes to radio airplay early January.

"Enough!" said Billy Idol, "2005 is the time for an original punk rocker to show his stuff." After taking himself out of the music business "to regenerate, get free of myself and make an album for the right reasons," Billy Idol has completed his first album featuring new songs in over 10 years, aptly titled "Devil's Playground". The CD, which may or may not be named after a location deep inside the Billy Idol mind, is scheduled for release on March 22, 2005, and is the English rocker’s first for CSP Records/Sanctuary Records.

The first single, "Scream," is a down and dirty love romp featuring the sinister signature guitar of Steve Stevens and Billy Idol's rock and roll holla in the familiar vain of "Rebel Yell." It is on radio early January, with an impact date set for January 31.
Widely credited as one of the critical artists responsible for the golden age of Music Television and an early disciple of the art of controversy on the small screen, Blly Idol will attempt to reinvent the video art form by making one for "Scream," which will be completed early next year.

"Devil's Playground" is a journey through the musical mind, influences and taste of Billy Idol. The trip begins with the visceral thrust of the album's opener "Super Overdrive," followed by the punk anthem "World Coming Down," which borrows from his own history in the Bromley Contingent—the crew that included Siouxie Sioux, Steve Severin, The Clash's Mick Jones and others who followed the Sex Pistols—as well as his own early group, Generation X. In total, there are 13 tracks to be experienced on "Devil's Playground".

In the last few years, Billy Idol and his band, which once again includes longtime guitarist Steve Stevens, as well as new drummer Brian Tichy, bassist Stephen McGrath and keyboardist Derek Sherinian, have been reviving up the engine by playing a few select gigs across the country.
Billy Idol was thinking about a new album but had not yet written the songs he wanted to record. After a particularly raucous concert at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York last year, Idol was approached by Sanctuary Group Inc. USA CEO Merck Mercuriadis, who asked him if he was ready to record "a great Billy Idol album." The conversation that followed motivated the artist to do something that he had contemplated never doing again: Billy Idol signed a new record deal.

Billy Idol will tour worldwide commencing March 2005.

Billy Idol "Devil's Playground" new CD: ORDER IT NOW.


I had the privilege of seeing Billy Idol at the Memphis In May Music Festival on May 1st this year. There just aren't enough words to describe the great music, his superb voice and fantastic performance.

He sang everyone's favorites -- Rebel Yell -- White Wedding -- Eyes Without A Face -- (It's just hard to beat any of that stuff!)-- and some songs from his new "Devil's Playground." Everyone -- ranging in age from 10 to at least 75 -- cheered and rocked. The crowd was enormous. No generation gap (or gap of any kind!) there that night!

Hey -- out of all those groups and performers, he's the one I went to see!

I heard so many comments about him during and after the performance -- all positive comments. It didn't matter how old or how young the people in the crowd was -- their comments bordered on the same tone -- "he's the greatest!"

"Devil's Playground" is somewhat different, but it's Idol... He's a one-of-a-kind, and there'll never be another one like him -- EVER !

I love Billy Idol. Our band is influenced by his music and other new age bands. We are hoping to get to play one of his songs also.

Love the new CD! Caught the repeat of his invitation only on classic VH1, and MAN for a 49 [now 50] year old, he looks better than he did in his 20's!

Does ANYONE know how to write to him? I have been searching like mad {not obsessively} to find an address to send him a note or so... Can't even find out who his manager and/or agent is. Any help would be appreciated!


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