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Song Tribute to Tsumami Victims Made Freely Available to Relief Cause: Know I'm Alive

Canada for Asia: Charity Telethon feat. Rush


Canada for Asia: Charity Telethon feat. Rush.

Rush's performance on the Canada for Asia three-hour live telecast in support of relief efforts for the tsunami victims of South Asia will be posted on on February 1. This is exclusive to band's official website and will only be available for viewing until March 2. The performance will not be available for download.

As previously reported, Rush had recorded a new version of their 1977 hit "Closer to the Heart" with fellow Canadians Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies and actor Mike Smith for the broadcast, proceeds of which were slated to go to a variety of organizations, including UNICEF, the Canadian Red Cross, Oxfam Canada, Save The Children Canada, and World Vision.

Rush "Rush in Rio" (2003) double-DVD set: ORDER IT NOW.


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