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Cowboy Junkies "Open Road" DVD+CD is reissued this week (see here).

Spend a year on the open road with the Cowboy Junkies. From a lavish multi-camera shoot of the band in concert at an outdoor festival before thousands of fans, to the hushed intimacy of a duo performance from Margo Timmins and Mike Timmins that recalls the haunting beauty of "The Trinity Sessions," (see here) "Open Road" depicts a year in the life of this unique band.

With 3 hours of DVD footage and a bonus live audio CD, "Open Road" stakes a claim as one of the most content-rich music DVDs available today.

Lay It Down (Quebec City), Hard to Explain (Quebec City), Bread and Wine (Quebec City), River Waltz (Quebec City), I'm So Open (the Temple), Bea's Song (Quebec City), Dragging Hooks (Quebec City), Blue Moon Revisited (Quebec City), Anniversary Song (Quebec City), Anniversary Song (the Temple), Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning (the Temple), Misguided Angel (the Temple), Small Swift Birds (the Temple), Thousand Year Prayer (the Temple), Hollow as a Bone (the Temple), Murder, Tonight in the Trailer Park (Live), Lay It Down (Live), This Street That Man This Life (Live), Thousand Year Prayer (Live), Bread and Wine (Live), Witches (Live), Something More Besides You (Live), Escape Is So Simple (Live), Dragging Hooks (Live), Anniversary Song (Live).

This DVD covers the tour in America and Europe, that the Cowboy Junkies made to promote their "Open Road" CD. So, this DVD and CD set (also recorded on the Open tour) is really the best present that any Cowboy Junkies aficionado could receive this year, especially if one happens to live in Europe and spend most of ones time in a country which the Cowboys Junkies haven't toured so far.

The contents of the DVD are split into four separate programs:
1. Cowboy Junkies live from the Quebec city summer festival (by the time you get to the last song on this section, "anniversary song", you just want to go back and hear them all again);
2. a documentary in music, ones and zeros, which follows the Cowboys Junkies on the road in music, video and pics; 3. Margo Timmins and brother Michael Timmins live at the Temple;
4. an open conversation with Margo Timmins and Michael Timmins.

The sound and video quality are very good, the production is more than acceptably excellent and the songs, as always, are simply brilliant. The accompanying CD is grand too, and contains some of the new Cowboy Junkies classics, as well as a couple of tracks we hadn't heard untilthis DVD/CD set. Those new tracks are "Witches" and "Escape" is so simple. Another truly wonderful CD.

Cowboy Junkies "Open Road" DVD+CD: ORDER IT NOW.


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