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Jimmy Griffin dies (Bread), Jimmy Griffin passed away (Bread)


Jimmy Griffin dies (Bread), Jimmy Griffin passed away (Bread). Jimmy Griffin (singer/songwriter) dies, aged 61 years old. Singer and songwriter Jimmy Griffin, the Bread alumnus who made his biggest impact on country music as a member of the Remingtons, died Tuesday (January 11) at his home in Nashville of complications from cancer. He was 61 and had been undergoing treatment for the past several months.

James Arthur Griffin was born in Cincinnati on Aug. 10, 1943. Soon after, his family moved to Memphis, where he grew up. When he was 7, his mother started him on accordion lessons at the Central Academy of Music. He continued to develop his musical talents and perform locally until he graduated from Kingsbury High School in 1962.

Living across the street from Griffin and serving as sources of musical inspiration were brothers Dorsey and Johnny Burnette, who were beginning to make names for themselves as rock 'n' roll musicians. The summer after he completed high school, Griffin visited the Burnettes who by then were living in California. They introduced him into the Los Angeles music community, and within a few months he signed a recording deal with Reprise Records. His first album, "Summer Holiday," a collection of cover tunes, was released in 1963.
His producer on this project was another rising talent, Jimmy Bowen, who would eventually go on to head the country divisions of Warner Bros., MCA and Capitol Records.

Jimmy Griffin also began developing as a songwriter, securing cuts by Rudy Vallee, Ed Ames, Lesley Gore, Bobby Vee and others. He ventured into acting as well and had small roles in the movies For Those Who Think Young (1964) and None But the Brave (1965).

In 1969, JImmy Griffin joined David Gates, Robb Royer and Jim Gordon to form Bread, a group distinguished by its rich, creamy melodies and yearning lyrics. The following year, the group's debut single, "Make It With You," went No. 1. Subsequent hits included "It Don't Matter to Me," "If," "Baby I'm-a Want You," "Everything I Own," "The Guitar Man," "Aubrey" and "Lost Without Your Love."

Still fascinated by the movies, Jimmy Griffin collaborated with Royer and Fred Karlin in 1970 to compose "For All We Know," which became the theme for the film Lovers and Other Strangers. The song won an Academy Award and was a No. 3 pop hit for the Carpenters in 1971.

Following the breakup of Bread in 1977, Jimmy Griffin returned to solo recording and songwriting. Polydor released the album James Griffin in Europe, and Shoe Records in Memphis issued a number of his singles. In the late '80s, Griffin teamed up with Randy Meisner (of the Eagles and Poco) and Billy Swan to form Black Tie, a country music trio. Their only charted single -- "Learning the Game," written by Buddy Holly -- came out in 1990 and made it to No. 59 on the country charts.

Then, in 1991, Griffin, Richard Mainegra and Rick Yancey (the latter two from the group Cymarron) formed the Remingtons and signed to the newly established RCA sublabel, BNA Records. The group's first single, "A Long Time Ago," was its most successful record, rising to No. 10 in early 1992. The last single, "Wall Around Her Heart" in 1993, topped out at No. 69.

Jimmy Griffin made occasional solo performances throughout the '90s and into the new century but mainly devoted himself to songwriting. He did his last studio work last year, pairing up with singer Lynn Bryant to record Todd Rundgren's pop classic, "Can We Still Be Friends."

Jimmy Griffin is survived by his wife, Marti, and three children.

Here is as a great souvenir: a letter of Neva Griffin speaking of his son Jimmy Griffin.

(photo by Ken Bank)

"You have taken the heart of me
And left just a part of me,
And look, look, look what you've done.
Well, you took all the best of me,
So come get the rest of me,
And look back, finish what you've begun.

There is some one you ought to meet;
It's me, mister incomplete.
Look, at what I've become.
For it's due to the lack of you
That I'm now only half of two.
Look back, finish what you"ve begun."

- Bread "Look What You've Done"
(Jimmy Griffin, Robb Royer) - 1969

"Love, look at the two of us
Strangers in many ways
Let's take a lifetime to say
I know you well
But only time will tell us so
And love may grow for all we know"

- Carpenters "For All We Know"
(Jimmy Griffin, Fred Karlin, Robb Wilson, Arthur James) - 1970


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I remember seeing Bread around 1997 at the Star Plaza in Merriville, Indiana. I was always a big fan of the band but never got to see them in their heyday. When I saw that they got back together again, I did not hesitate to get tickets for the show. I'll always remember how beautiful James' voice was at that show as he started it off with "Look What You've Done". I know James is up their now singing with Carl Wilson and the angels. Two beautiful voices taken from us all too soon. Rest in peace, James.

i was crushed to hear of the news that such a great singer has left us so soon. i saw bread on their reunion tour in vegas and san diego. jimmy still had the greatest voice i had ever heard. i fell in love with a song that he introduced in the concert called "just say when." i ended up meeting him backstage and he was very cool. so cool, that he sent me a copy of his unreleased song. what a guy..... i wish his family well. rest in peace jimmy.

I saw Bread in August 1997 in Peachtree City, GA. I loved their music from the very first time I heard it. I was a teenager then and it seems all my memories from that time are set to a "Bread Soundtrack"
I am so sorry to hear of Jimmy's loss. He will be greatly missed by his loyal fans. I am so happy that I got to see him in person.
Anita - Chattanooga TN

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