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Nanci Griffith: Hearts in Mind, Nanci Griffith new album


Nanci Griffith "Hearts in Mind," Nanci Griffith new album.

The first studio album from acclaimed folk/country/rock singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith since 2001's "Clock Without Hands," "Hearts In Mind" (New Door/UMe), set for release February 1st, 2005, is an uncompromising, unflinching look at war and an ultimately hopeful look at love. "Dedicated to the memory of every soldier and every civilian lost to the horrors of war," "Hearts In Mind" is the first of her 15 studio albums the five-time Grammy nominee has taken the lead in producing. Among its notable guest artists are Jimmy Buffett, for whom Nanci Griffith had contributed vocals for his 2004 hit album "License To Chill," Mac MacAnally, who sang the duet vocal on one of her early signature songs, "Gulf Coast Highway," and Academy Award-winning actor Keith Carradine, who both co-authored and sings on the track, "Our Very Own."

Her first album for the newly formed New Door label, Nanci Griffith wrote or co-wrote eight of the 13 tracks on "Hearts In Mind". Continuing the proud folksinger tradition of reflecting on current events, "Heart Of Indochine" and "Old Hanoi" echo her recent travels to Indochina with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation. Her anti-war stance also reverberates in "Big Blue Ball Of War" and "A Simple Life." Songwriter Julie Gold (whose Grammy winning "From A Distance" was first recorded by Nanci Griffith) contributes "Mountain Of Sorrow," an emotional reaction to looking outside her New York City window on 9-11 and watching the terror unfold at the World Trade towers.

Love prevails in "Love Conquers all" (co-written with Charlie Stefl), "Angels" (penned by Tom Kimmel and Jennifer Kimball), "Beautiful" (Nanci Griffith's tribute to her stepfather) and two strings-laced tracks--"Rise To The Occasion" (from Ron Davies and with guest vocals by MacAnally) and "Back When Ted Loved Sylvia" (the story of the relationship between modern poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath as written by Le Ann Etheridge). Love does however fall short of its goal on Nanci Griffith and Etheridge's "Before," Griffith's "Last Train Home" and Clive Gregson’s tongue-in-cheek "I Love This Town," featuring Buffett on guest vocals.

Etheridge, Gregson and album co-producer Pat McInerney are all members of Nanci Griffith's long-time band, The Blue Moon Orchestra, which also includes James Hooker on keyboards. Former band guitarist Doug Lancio is heard throughout as well.

Nanci Griffith, hailed as "the Queen of Folkabilly" by Rolling Stone when she debuted nationally in the late '80s, won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Performance for 1993's "Other Voices, Other Rooms". Her most recent album was 2002's live "Winter Marquee". The last three years have also seen three new retrospectives, including 2002's two-CD "The Complete MCA Studio Recordings". Each has celebrated one of the most admired and uncompromising musical artists of this generation.

Nanci Griffith "Hearts in Mind" album tracklisting:
1. Simple Life
2. Angels
3. Heart Of Indochine
4. Beautiful
5. Back When Ted Loved Sylvia
6. Mountain Of Sorrow
7. Old Hanoi
8. Before
9. I Love This Town -w/ Jimmy Buffett
10. Rise To The Occasion -w/ Mac MacAnally
11. Love Conquers All
12. Last Train Home
13. Big Blue Ball Of War
14. Our Very Own -w/ Keith Carradine (Bonus Track)

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