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Song Tribute to Tsumami Victims Made Freely Available to Relief Cause: Know I'm Alive

Song Tribute to Tsumami Victims Made Freely Available to Relief Cause "Know I'm Alive" song.

In response to the Dec 2004 tragedy, recording artists "A little space" have written and produced a new song titled "Know I'm Alive". It is a poignant tribute to the Tsunami victims from a parent's point of view. "Know I'm Alive" features Vocalist Regi Perry. Songwriter Alan Gruskoff (Big Al) played Alembic Bass, MIDI Cello and Drums.

This new song "Know I'm Alive" is being made freely available to any charitable organizations supporting this relief cause. CD singles of the song will be available Feb 1. Lyrics, a Listen link and a Free Download link here.

Charitable organizations and Media are encouraged to use this song to support any relief efforts or presentations. The song producer will have CD singles available for sale to generate revenue for valid relief efforts.

"Know I'm Alive" will be included in the next album by "A little space", their third. To be titled "Box Of Love", that new CD is expected to be released March 2005.

Artist Profile: Recording Artists "A Little Space" presents tuneful. intelligently written songs with heart. It's jazzy, it's funky, it grooves, male vocals and instrumentals. On the same playlists with artists such as Steely Dan, Al Jarreau and Sting, though uniquely original. Call it "Rhythm & Jazz".

The self titled CD Album "A Little Space" IR09712 presents 9 Vocal and 5 Instrumental performances of very original, soulful, pop-based, jazz influenced music, released in May 2002 on Independent Records IR09712. The titled "A Space Of My Own" IR26752 released March 2004 features vocalist Regi Perry on 10 songs, adding 4 instrumental songs as well.

See the band site at for music, pictures and more.

A Little Space "A Little Space" CD (2002): ORDER IT NOW.


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