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Aerosmith concert DVD: You Gotta Move, Aerosmith DVD certified 4X platinum


Aerosmith concert DVD "You Gotta Move", Aerosmith DVD certified 4X platinum.

Aerosmith's first-ever concert DVD "You Gotta Move" - recently released via Columbia Music Video (see here) --has already been certified 4X platinum. Frontman Steven Tyler was on hand at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to receive a plaque commemorating sales of the concert film, which represents America's Greatest Rock & Roll Band at their live concert finest, unleashing their "inhibition-free, sweat-slicked rock 'n' roll" (Classic Rock).

Continuing Aerosmith's tradition as pioneers of new media, the audio CD included with the DVD features UMixIt, a groundbreaking, interactive (non-downloadable) music technology for your PC. This marks the first time a major artist has used this technology. UMixIt allows fans to take the song "You Gotta Move" (in 8 or 16-track versions) and manipulate, mix and re-mix the original instrumental and vocal tracks. Steven Tyler says, "You never know what you can hear between the tracks unless you can solo them. We've made that possible without having to go to a recording studio. You can hear things like Joe stomping his fuzz-tone, and shoving his guitar into the amp for feedback, not to mention me clearing my throat and singing the wrong lyrics for all the right reasons."

The "You Gotta Move" DVD contains over two hours of music and interviews and includes an inside look at the making of Honkin' On Bobo, Aerosmith's critically acclaimed 2004 blues album, which received a four-star review in Rolling Stone and was ranked by the magazine as one of the top 50 albums of the year. The members of Aerosmith--Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer--remain creatively vital, and are the platinum standard for artistic and commercial success in the music world.

"To get a performance that hangs together, very often people will film 20 shows to put a DVD together like that--and we filmed one," Joe Perry recently told Launch Radio Networks. "It was a testament to the ability of the band to put on a good show, knowing the cameras were running."

The DVD also gives fans a chance to catch some behind-the-scenes action. In the February issue of Sound & Vision magazine, Parke Puterbaugh said "You Gotta Move" is "…a smoking souvenir of their bluesy Honkin' On Bobo tour. The two-hour program intersperses unrelenting energetic performances with studio and backstage footage…Use this DVD as 'Exhibit A' in a greatest rock-band debate."

Classic Rock went on to proclaim: "…they now seem almost supernaturally attuned, and consequently boast a synchronicity that soars way beyond the sum of their constituent parts. Each component (be it Tyler, Perry, Hamilton, Kramer or Whitford) therefore sits so comfortably in the well-oiled Aerosmith machine that they're far more free to extemporize and emote than the corporate concoctions they call contemporaries."

The live music on "You Gotta Move" was produced by Steven Tyler and Marti Frederiksen and the 5.1 Surround Sound was produced by Steven Tyler, Thom Cadley and Frederiksen. Keith Garde (who produced Aerosmith's 1990 documentary "The Making of Pump") was Senior Producer. The DVD package also includes a seven-track bonus audio CD.

Aerosmith "You Gotta Move" DVD: ORDER IT NOW.


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