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The Allman Brothers benefit concert, The Allman Brothers Band & Friends To Raise Money For "the Big House"


The Allman Brothers benefit concert, The Allman Brothers Band & Friends To Raise Money For "the Big House".

The Allman Brothers Band have announced plans for a special benefit concert to wrap up their annual run at New York's Beacon Theatre. The Tuesday, March 22 performance--the tenth and final night of this year's "March Madness" run, the venerable group's annual Beacon residency--will benefit a special museum honoring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band. Tickets went on sale Wednesday, February 23.

Ticket prices range from $75 to $1000 and any amount spent over $100 is tax-deductible. All proceeds from this special show--featuring full sets from all the bands beginning at 7:00 PM--will go to "The Big House Foundation," a not-for-profit pubic charity that's been formed to create a permanent legacy by preserving the group's original home in Macon, GA. Many of the Allman Brothers Band, their families, crew and friends lived in the Grand Tudor-style house from 1970 to 1973, a crucial formative time in their history.

In 1993, Allman Brother Band tour mystic Kirk West and his wife Kirsten purchased the home; since then, it has turned into a de facto Allman Brothers Band museum. They've amassed the largest collection of ABB artwork, gold records, clothes and memorabilia and have welcomed fans from around the world into their home. Now, with the help of private investors and fan donations, the group is turning the home into a proper museum, refurbishing the 105 year-old house to its 1970's glory and properly displaying the vast collection.

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