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March 10, 2005


I think that anwar is the best in the whole thing and I hope he wins

anwar is amazing!!! we watch it here in australia and anwar shines over everyone, i truly hope he wins, he is so talented and he has it all.

n is not your kind of song. Anwar you need
to give it your all and I know you have a whole lot to give. Sing ballads and show your range. I know you have got but the world needs to see it now and every week from now on. You should be singing songs that will really wow them so there will be no question about how good you are. They know you've got too, but you got to sing the right songs so there will be no doubt in anybody's mind. NOW is the time to WOW
THEM don't hold back and stop trying to be
versatile -- be consistent and sing the kind of music you were meant to sing and that is ballads. LET IT RIP ANWAR AND MAKE ME PROUD. I GIVE YOU 5 OF MY VOTES EVERY
WEEK and I expect you to give me my money's worth. I am voting only for you please don't disappoint me. Get serious and stop having fun WOW THEM EVERY WEEK that is what
they are hoping for. The judges are on your
side just like me but you have got to step up to the plate and serve it to us baby. You got everything going for you -- the voice, the looks, the smile, and the personality. Let it shine -- Let it shine--Let it shine.

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