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April 11, 2005


Nadia was robbed! She is by far the most talented, star quality performer in the present contest and all of the past American Idol contests. I don't understand why the so-called judges have panned her. Something is very fishy. She will still be poplular when people are saying "Simon who?" and "Paula who?"

I am a white grandmother with perfect pitch.
She is the only performer who has never been
off key.

Nadia has the talent, the stage presence,
and the magic that will make her a star
and keep her a star. She has that something that will keep amd hold. Don't worry about her. She will become the most famous of all of the talent who shared the stage with her for years to come. Nadia thank you for letting those who know talent that you are
out there, can't wait for the future!
You are a Star!!

I am most disappointed by Randy Jackson. Simon has an obvious agenda this season (suddenly a rockerphile) and Paula is inconsequential but Randy is usually right on with his comments but on Tuesday his critique of Nadia couldn't be more off base. She was NOT off key and although the song was obscure, she nailed it. It was one of the best performances of the competition. Glad I taped it. I can't believe the accolades they heaped on Constantine (who sounds like Bill Murray's lounge singer if you shut your eyes) after ripping Nadia. I can't believe that this year's most watchable performer is gone! Her only flaw is a somewhat limited range but that's more than made up with style and movement. Hope I haven't seen the last of her!

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