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April 15, 2005


Yeah, both my kids are on the soundtrack. My daughter and son play bass and drums respectively on Barracuda and Heart of the Sunrise; my daughter also plays bass on School's Out, Peace Sells, and and Don't Stand So Close To Me; my son also plays drums on Black Magic Woman, Rebel Yell, and LA Woman. Only one problem. That fuckwit Gene Simmons has signed with VHl to do six episodes of a reality series based on the Jack Black film, School of Rock, which is a total rip-off of "Rock School", and even Rolling Stone Magazine confuses the two today:

"KISS' GENE SIMMONS will star in a six-episode reality show, Rock School, inspired by the movie School of Rock. The show will debut on VH1 this summer. The soundtrack -- featuring the School of Rock students performing with BILLY IDOL, ALICE COOPER, HEART'S ANN WILSON and others -- hits stores May 31st."

Do journalists not fact check anymore? The Rock School documentary, which is distributed by Newmarket Films and will be in a theater near you by June 10 and which the soundtrack you mention above accompanies, has nothing at all to do with the piece o'crap being put out by VH1.

Just trying to get the word out.

And of course feel free to visit my blog for daily Rock School updates.

Hi Robin

I have met both of your kids and have heard them perform at multiple venues and they are world class rockers in my mind. I am upauled but not surprised becuase the rats are coming out of the woodwork and it's only the beginning.

I see two camps forming 1.The original School of Rock founded by Paul Green and the great kids that studied under Paul and worked their asses off to EARN INTERNATIONAL Notoriety as TRUE ROCK STARS!!! and 2. The money hungry rip offs that have no decency and steal money from the true School of Rock and it's deserving students. Instead of thinking that Paul has given kids a great medium to become true rockers and support him they choose to lie, cheat and steal from CHILDREN.

Any professional rock star that sides with the RATS should be blacklisted from all kid's CD purchas lists. I think the youth of America should not wait and send a BIG Message to these frauds and crooks. They have the buying power to make or break these frauds.

I have been teaching our students in BC the truth and they are fully aware of what is going on and have seen the real School of Rock ALL STARS and they will support them to the end.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss starting a movement that exposes these rip offs.

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