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American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon update, Vonzell Solomon (American Idol) update

American Idol Corey Clark update, Corey Clark (American Idol) update re. Paula Abdul story


American Idol Corey Clark update, Corey Clark (American Idol) update re. Paula Abdul story.

In a documentary aired last night on ABC former American Idol contestant Corey Clark made various allegations of improper conduct of celebrity judge Paula Abdul.

In a follow-up interview on the Good Morning America show today Corey Clark stated that he will not co-operate with Fox executives in investigating allegations he made. Corey Clark stated that since they had not helped him, he would not be helping them.

His allegations include a sexual relationship and improper help from Paula Abdul while he was a contestant on the TV show in 2003. An agent for Paula Abdul denies the claims stating that Clark is a "liar" and "opportunist".

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Whats sad is that because Paula Abdul is likeable, people assume Corey clark must be lying. I have yet to hear him trash her the way she has gone for his jugular. He said they had an affair. He showed dozens of phone calls between the two. Why is nobody willing to consider that maybe he is telling the truth. Dont forget that Paula lied about a hit and run accident on a California freeway until she was cornered with the truth. We should not be so quick to trash Corey. (He had better have a deep hole to hide in if he turns out to be lying, though...)

So, what if they had an afair. If she helped him by buying clothes, etc, that is NOT fair.

Please keep me posted and update with american idol contest.


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