American Idol Corey Clark update, Corey Clark (American Idol) update re. Paula Abdul story
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American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon update, Vonzell Solomon (American Idol) update


American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon update, Vonzell Solomon (American Idol) update.

American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon, who delivers mail, can expect to see America deliver volumes to her now that Postal employees are providing a special Post Office Box for fans to extend congratulations and support.

"Vonzell Solomon has achieved yet another milestone as an American Idol finalist," said Azeezaly S. Jaffer, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, referring to the Ft. Myers, FL Post Office Rural Letter Carrier Associate. "We are all proud of Vonzell as she represents the best of all U.S. Postal Service employees."

"Vonzell Solomon has been living the dream of her life for the last several months," her mother Alice said, "and we are so appreciative of the kind words of support extended from her Postal family. I know Vonzell will retain these cards and letters as treasured keepsakes for the rest of her life."

Fans wishing to send congratulations and words of encouragement should mail to:

Vonzell Solomon
C/O Postmaster
P.O. Box V
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-9998

"With just three competitions to go, our 700,000 member postal family congratulates her and wishes her the best in delivering letter perfect performances as she makes her final rounds. We will continue to sing songs of praise as Vonzell's voice resonates to the top," added Jaffer.

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Vonzell, we watch the show and put in alot of votes for you. Johnnie, has gone to sleep now and I just wanted you to know that he is your 10yr old little cousin--ask Mrs. Carla James how he's related to you'll. His bedtime is at 9pm but he doesn't go to bed until he's voted for you as many times as he can. to all of us here you are a winner. Just know that we love you and I pray our votes will matter. please send a e-mail back to Johnnie. I promise he'll keep it always. be blessed and the Rooks/Tippins family are praying for your fate. Bless You and the other family members.

Vonzell is the best Idol eva. She will win no matter what. It will be her and Bo...


I LOVE VONZELL!!!!!!!!!! She is a winner in my eyes no matter what. She is the best EVER!! She has a voice out of this world!!! I know she will get signed and make it big. In fact, I am listening to her right now. Ive been doing that a lot lately. I am crazy about her. She is so incredibly stunning!!!!!

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