Bo Bice: winner of American Idol, Bo Bice winner of American Idol 2005?
Carrie Underwood winner of American Idol 2005, Carrie Underwood winner of American Idol

Carrie Underwood winner of American Idol 2005? Bo Bice winner of American Idol 2005? About the American Idol Winner's Single


Carrie Underwood winner of American Idol 2005? Bo Bice winner of American Idol 2005? About the American Idol Winner's Single.

RCA Music Group has chosen Musicrypt's Digital Music Distribution System (DMDS) to deliver the new American Idol winning single to radio, on the eve of the season's biggest finale.

RCA Music Group will use DMDS to deliver the new American Idol winner's song shortly after the winner is announced this evening. The winning single from one of the finalists, either Bo Bice or Carrie Underwood, will be digitally delivered to radio stations across the United States and Canada through Musicrypt's DMDS.

American Idol is the number one reality show on air today. Last year alone, American Idol season finale had over 48 million viewers tuning in to see the final season episode and 340 million votes were received throughout the contest. This year, over 100,000 hopeful singers auditioned for the chance to become the final American Idol.

"To have the ability and flexibility of securely delivering music moments after the winner is announced from our new American Idol is a great position to be in," said Adrian Moreira, VP Adult Format Promotion for RCA Music Group. "Musicrypt's DMDS continues to pave the way for digital delivery in our industry and because of this technology, broadcasters across North America and fans of American Idol will receive and hear this music as soon as it becomes available."

Musicrypt's patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) is an easy-to-use, web-based system that requires no expensive software or hardware. DMDS delivers music simultaneously to all intended destinations and is available 24/7. Its advanced technology allows record labels and broadcasters to control the delivery, receipt and use of their music.

"We are extremely excited to be chosen to deliver the American Idol winner's song through DMDS," said Peter Diemer, Vice President, Marketing & Sales for Musicrypt. "DMDS will enable us to deliver Bo's or Carrie's hit song to every major radio station in North America shortly after the viewing public has selected a winner. This is a strong testament to the power behind digital music delivery that Musicrypt is proud to offer the music industry."

With the music industry revenues exceeding over $30 billion today, Musicrypt has worked closely with its customers to develop user-friendly technology that securely delivers broadcast quality music to its recipients. Musicrypt has completed over 400,000 deliveries of over 900 tracks from today's hottest music chart toppers such as U2, Usher, Norah Jones, Shania Twain, Britney Spears, 3 Doors Down, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, Nickelback, Christina Aguilera, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Evanescence, Green Day, Gwen Stefani, Hoobastank, Jet, Foo Fighters, K-OS, Maroon 5, Robbie Williams, Sarah McLachlan, R.Kelly, Seal, SUM 41, Sting, The White Stripes, and Tim McGraw.

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