Carrie Underwood winner of American Idol 2005? Bo Bice winner of American Idol 2005? About the American Idol Winner's Single
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Carrie Underwood winner of American Idol 2005, Carrie Underwood winner of American Idol


Carrie Underwood winner of American Idol 2005, Carrie Underwood winner of American Idol.

Promo Only MPE and technology partner Destiny Media Technologies announced today with RCA Music Group that Promo Only MPE, the music industry's number one choice in secure content delivery, made the newest "American Idol" winner, Carrie Underwood's "Inside Your Heaven," single available to all formats of radio and industry VIP's FIRST via the Promo Only MPE system.

"We chose Promo Only MPE to deliver this vital track to radio because we feel that they present an extremely fast and dependable means of getting our music out. We knew that this track had to be made available immediately after the winner was announced and Promo Only MPE provided us with the ability to reach who we needed to reach moments after America chose its next "American Idol," said Adrian Moreira, VP of Adult Format Promotion for RCA Music Group.

"We have the most users installed and the most tracks delivered to radio. Our adoption percentage is the highest at all radio formats. It was a natural decision for RCA to ask us to deliver the song to radio first and shows how much faith they have in Promo Only MPE," said Dean Ernst, Director of the Promo Only MPE project. "American Idol is one of the most watched shows in the world and our ability to deliver Carrie's new track almost immediately after she was named the winner proves our status as the industry's only choice for digital delivery."

American Idol is a cultural phenomenon in the United States and the world with over 25 million viewers per week. In last year's finale over 48 million viewers tuned in to see the final season episode, the culmination of over 340 million votes cast throughout the season. Previous winners include Kelly Clarkson, Rubin Studdard and Fantasia Barrino.

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carrie, we love that you won. looking for your frist cd. soon i hope

I think that Bo Bice should have won. Im all honesty. Carrie can hold a tune dont get me wrong...but she has no sense or form of stage performance. She isnt comfortable on the stage and you can tell. I dunno if it was because she was on a show or what...but she looked scared and she didnt know how to work the crowd. I got more emotion from Bo than her...and I think that a lot of america would agree. Everyone I have talked to about this has agreed with me....and I just dont understand how she won. I think she is a sweetheart and really a nice looking girl....but when it comes to stage performance and the crowd....she is scared.
-Sandra J.

I Believe Carrie Underwood deserved to win American idol 2005. She has a beautiful voice that gives me cold chills everytime I hear it. Bo just didn't sound well to me he sounded like a loud fool who likes banging on guitars and screaming in microphones. His habit of picking up the mic stand drives me crazy. The winner deserved to win in my opinion. Jessica sierra should had been in Bo position then it would have been a huge showdown and a hard decision.

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