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Delta Goodrem new single and Delta Goodrem new video


Delta Goodrem new single and Delta Goodrem new video!

Delta Goodrem is getting ready to release "A Little Too Late" - the fourth single from her five times Platinum latest album "Mistaken Identity" - and there's a video available now!

With her first-ever national tour of Australia inching closer and closer, Delta Goodrem is gearing up to release the fourth single from her now five times Platinum latest album 'Mistaken Identity' and it's a beauty...

Hitting stores in Australia on Sunday, June 5, "A Little Too Late" was written by Delta Goodrem, Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy, and is a feel-good, coming-of-age pop song with a huge hook that you just won't be able to shake from your head - get used to singing 'do do do' now!

The song also features a hot new clip directed by Anthony Rose (Delta's "I Don't Care", Paul Mac, Anthony Callea, Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll) that shows Delta chilling out with her mates, having a jam on guitar and keys, and looking as gorgeous and carefree as we've seen her yet.

Watch the video for 'A Little Too Late' .

"A Little Too Late" follows hot on the heels of Delta's #1 chart and airplay smash duet "Almost Here" with Brian McFadden and is already getting a huge workout on Australian airwaves.

Stay tuned for the single's tracklisting coming soon...

Delta Goodrem's new single "A Little Too Late" out Sunday, June 5 (on Sony Music/BMG Australia).

Delta Goodrem "Mistaken Identity" CD: ORDER IT NOW.


Delta Goodrem is the COOLEST SINGER by far and her new single ROCKS!!!! Her Voice is incredible. She RULZ

I LOVE DELTA...a little too late is going to be the best single yet.
Love and Light
Ayesha xoxo

WoWiez.. so glad deltaz releasing a little too late, its such a cool catchy funky song that'll put a smile on ur face n make ya wanna dance~! =P

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