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Frankie Sullivan talks about a new Survivor album!


Survivor's fans will be happy to read Frankie Sullivan (lead guitar) talking about a brand new album on survivormusic.com

Frankie says in brief: "Yes, it is true. We have been recording a CD of ALL NEW MATERIAL and are in the mist of a couple of labels bidding on it. You have never heard these songs."

"We spent about 3 months in my new home town recording. I had Tim LeBlanc come in, work with Phil Bonnano on the recording process, and then following by doing the mixing."

"The sooner we get the new CD out the better because it is all new tunes that you guys have never heard before and we all want to know what you think. We have 2/3 of the CD Recorded and completed all the way though Mix. When we sign on with a label, in the next few weeks, you’ll be the first to know."

"Personally, I have high hopes you’ll love it and cannot wait to hear and read your feedback. Was it worth the wait? Well, the only ones who will give us that answer are you, the great Survivor Fans who have been asking, wanting, and waiting for new music for years! This a newly charged band with no ties to the past other than the older hit tunes. Why re record demos of tunes from the 90’s when we can simply work the craft and write new ones from 2004 – 2005! "



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