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"Get a life", Orleans's new single and new album!


The new CD by Orleans is in the finishing stage and a release date will be announced soon.  The title track, Get A Life, is available at as a free Mp3 download.  Six tracks were recorded in Florida and seven in New York State.  Larry, Lance and John are joined again by Charlie Morgan and Peter O'Brien on drums, Bob Leinbach and Lane Hoppen on keys.  A couple of guest soloists add spice to the stew.  New songs will be appearing in the live set in May.

Get A Life will be released on the forthcoming Orleans CD of the same name, which is being mastered now.  The band is offering this track now because of the timely lyric.  Of course there's also the Tower of Power meets Sly Stone arrangement which we're told is reminiscent of the first Orleans album.
Meanwhile, here are Larry, John, Lance and Bob sharing the lead vocals, John and Larry dueling with strats, Peter O'Brien and Lance laying down the funk underneath.


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