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Jack Sundrud's "My own hand"


Discover Poco's bassist/singer Jack Sundrud new album "My own hand".
Coming from a long line of Norwegians (his dad toured the frozen north in a dance band in the 1930’s and loved to brag about the night he made six dollars), Jack grew up in Oklee, MN.

In 1981, he moved to Nashville and got a gig playing bass on the road with Gail Davies. For the next several years he toured with Gail and also with Vince Gill, Kathy Mattea, Poco, Michael Johnson, Nicolette Larson, Gary Morris, Dickey Betts, The O’Kanes and others.

In 1989, through his work with Michael Johnson, he met producer Brent Maher. Brent was looking for a band to work with at the time, and he liked the sound of Michael’s road band. This was the beginning of the group Great Plains.

With the encouragement of Brent Maher and Dianna Maher, Jack threw himself into the writing of the self titled Great Plains CD, released in 1992 on Columbia. he wrote or co-wrote all ten tracks, including the hit single FASTER GUN (with Gary Burr). In 1996, Great Plains released HOMELAND on Magnatone Records, also featuring ten of his songs including the title track (co-written with Keith Miles) which was named Farm Song of the Year in 1996 by The Farm Journal (the award was shared with Billy Montana's Clean Mind and Dirty Hands).

Also in 1996, along with Michael Johnson, he wrote CAIN’S BLOOD, the debut hit for 4Runner.

In 1998 his song (co-written with Craig Bickhardt) IT MUST BE LOVE, recorded by Ty Herndon, went all the way to NUMBER ONE on the country charts.

he continues to write and perform (with Poco and in songwriter showcases).


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