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Will Champlin's debut cd "The Goldmine Sessions"


Will Champlin's debut cd "The Goldmine Sessions" is now on sale at

Will Champlin was born in Los Angeles California in April of 1983 to Bill and Tamara Champlin. As a child he was always intrigued by different musical sounds. He was curious about how those musical sounds were made. He began to play the piano at age 10, and the drums at age 11. Although he progressed naturally on his own for some years, he eventually became more technical in his playing. He later discovered that he had a strong sense of harmony and Melody, and became more creative writing songs as well as Composing/Producing.

He became very widely influenced listening to artists all the way from Chick Corea ,Toto, and the Yellowjackets to Tool and Incubus. His wide range of musical tastes from Blues, Rock, Jazz, Classical, R&B, Metal and Hip-Hop has made him an extremely diverse producer. As he approached his twenties he started networking and became good friends with new A&R representatives in L.A. He has his father to thank who would be his main inspiration and mentor as a young musician.

He's often said, "Well I gotta make the legacy live on". Despite of the Music Industry cynicism and Irony of L.A. and Nashville he has kept his reputation in tact. He says "One day, us musicians will bring back real music". A quite controversial statement some say. During the last few years Will has played with the Boston Funk Band '8 Deep', but in April of 2003 he started his own band, featuring him on Keyboards/Auc. Guitar, and Lead Vocals. He has been playing in Los Angeles as well as the Boston area.

"The Goldmine Sessions" tracklist is:

1. One World
2. Brightest Star
3. God Only Knows
4. She Took Me Down
5. To Find This Dream
6. Play Along
7. Freak St.
8. From Now On
9. It's All Beautiful
10. All About You
11. California
12. Shout it Out
13. Time out of Time
14. Something Tells Me

Frankie Sullivan talks about a new Survivor album!


Survivor's fans will be happy to read Frankie Sullivan (lead guitar) talking about a brand new album on

Frankie says in brief: "Yes, it is true. We have been recording a CD of ALL NEW MATERIAL and are in the mist of a couple of labels bidding on it. You have never heard these songs."

"We spent about 3 months in my new home town recording. I had Tim LeBlanc come in, work with Phil Bonnano on the recording process, and then following by doing the mixing."

"The sooner we get the new CD out the better because it is all new tunes that you guys have never heard before and we all want to know what you think. We have 2/3 of the CD Recorded and completed all the way though Mix. When we sign on with a label, in the next few weeks, you’ll be the first to know."

"Personally, I have high hopes you’ll love it and cannot wait to hear and read your feedback. Was it worth the wait? Well, the only ones who will give us that answer are you, the great Survivor Fans who have been asking, wanting, and waiting for new music for years! This a newly charged band with no ties to the past other than the older hit tunes. Why re record demos of tunes from the 90’s when we can simply work the craft and write new ones from 2004 – 2005! "


Jack Sundrud's "My own hand"


Discover Poco's bassist/singer Jack Sundrud new album "My own hand".
Coming from a long line of Norwegians (his dad toured the frozen north in a dance band in the 1930’s and loved to brag about the night he made six dollars), Jack grew up in Oklee, MN.

In 1981, he moved to Nashville and got a gig playing bass on the road with Gail Davies. For the next several years he toured with Gail and also with Vince Gill, Kathy Mattea, Poco, Michael Johnson, Nicolette Larson, Gary Morris, Dickey Betts, The O’Kanes and others.

In 1989, through his work with Michael Johnson, he met producer Brent Maher. Brent was looking for a band to work with at the time, and he liked the sound of Michael’s road band. This was the beginning of the group Great Plains.

With the encouragement of Brent Maher and Dianna Maher, Jack threw himself into the writing of the self titled Great Plains CD, released in 1992 on Columbia. he wrote or co-wrote all ten tracks, including the hit single FASTER GUN (with Gary Burr). In 1996, Great Plains released HOMELAND on Magnatone Records, also featuring ten of his songs including the title track (co-written with Keith Miles) which was named Farm Song of the Year in 1996 by The Farm Journal (the award was shared with Billy Montana's Clean Mind and Dirty Hands).

Also in 1996, along with Michael Johnson, he wrote CAIN’S BLOOD, the debut hit for 4Runner.

In 1998 his song (co-written with Craig Bickhardt) IT MUST BE LOVE, recorded by Ty Herndon, went all the way to NUMBER ONE on the country charts.

he continues to write and perform (with Poco and in songwriter showcases).

Paul Anka Rock Swings Paul Anka New Album

Sonically amazing, musically impeccable, vocally superb, this album swings hard from start to finish.
Crank it loud on a great stereo. Crank it loud in your car with the windows open and the top down. This is fun music, this is music to drink cocktail to, this is a seriously fun album to have in your collection. 
Beginning his career by entering amateur contests and sneaking into clubs, Paul Anka has gone on to become one of the most prolific, successful songwriters in history.  This year marks his 47th Anniversary in show business, which he celebrates with the June 7th Global release of his latest album, "Rock Swings."  It is a concept that takes rock hits from the 80's and adds a swing arrangement to give them a completely different, and fresh new sound.  Songs like "Jump" by Van Halen, "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, "Wonderwall" by Oasis.

Engineer: Al Schmitt
Arrangers: Patrick Williams, Randy Kerber, John Clayton
Producer: Alex Christensen

Tracks :
1. It's My Life
2. True
3. Eye Of The Tiger
4. Everybody Hurts
5. Wonderwall
6. Black Hole Sun
7. It's A Sin
8. Jump
9. Smells Like Teen Spirit
10. Hello
11. Eyes Without A Face
12. Lovecats
13. The Way You Make Me Feel
14. Tears In Heaven

Paul Anka  Vocal, Executive Producer
Randy Kerber  Arranger, Conductor, Piano
Pat Williams  Arranger, Conductor
John Clayton  Arranger, Conductor
Jon Crosse  Conductor, Tenor Saxophone
Vinnie Colaiuta  Drums
Mike Valerio  Bass
Larry Koonse  Guitar
Dean Parks  Guitar
Mike Lang  Piano
Emil Richards  Vibes
Charles Davis   Trumpet
Gary Grant  Trumpet
Larry Hall  Trumpet
Warren Luening  Trumpet
Sal Cracchiolo  Trumpet
Steve Holtman  Trombone
Andrew Martin  Trombone
Alex Iles  Trombone
Bill Reichenbach  Trombone
Bob McChesney  Trombone
Bryant Byers  Trombone
Gene Cipriano  Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Dan Higgins  Alto Saxophone, Flute
Greg Huckins  Alto Saxophone, Flute
Bill Liston  Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
Joel Peskin  Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone
Rebecca Bunnell  Violin
Darius Campo  Violin
Mario De Leon  Violin
Bruce Dukov  Violin, Concertmaster
Charles Everett  Violin
Armen Garabedian  Violin
Berj Garabedian  Violin
Tiffany Yi Hu  Violin
Patricia Johnson  Violin
Peter Kent  Violin
Miran Kojian  Violin
Jennifer Munday  Violin
Anatoly Rosinsky  Violin
Haim Shtrum  Violin
Mari Tsumura  Violin
Shari Zippert  Violin
Joel Derouin  Violin, Concertmaster
Kirstin Fife  Violin
Razdan Kuyumjian  Violin
Dennis Molchan  Violin
Les Terry  Violin
Marilyn Baker  Viola
Pam Goldsmith  Viola
Jorge Moraga  Viola
Simon Oswell  Viola
James Ross  Viola
Harry Shirinian  Viola
Karie Prescott  Viola
Evan Wilson  Viola
Larry Corbett  Cello
Ernie Ehrhardt  Cello
Vanessa Freebairn-Smith  Cello
Miguel Martinez  Cello
Steve Richards  Cello
Andrew Shulman  Cello
Anne Karam  Cello
Peter Doubrovsky  Bass
Frances Liu-Wu  Bass
Gayle Levant  Harp
Brad Warnaar  French Horn
Jim Atkinson  French Horn
Kurt Snyder  French Horn

"Get a life", Orleans's new single and new album!


The new CD by Orleans is in the finishing stage and a release date will be announced soon.  The title track, Get A Life, is available at as a free Mp3 download.  Six tracks were recorded in Florida and seven in New York State.  Larry, Lance and John are joined again by Charlie Morgan and Peter O'Brien on drums, Bob Leinbach and Lane Hoppen on keys.  A couple of guest soloists add spice to the stew.  New songs will be appearing in the live set in May.

Get A Life will be released on the forthcoming Orleans CD of the same name, which is being mastered now.  The band is offering this track now because of the timely lyric.  Of course there's also the Tower of Power meets Sly Stone arrangement which we're told is reminiscent of the first Orleans album.
Meanwhile, here are Larry, John, Lance and Bob sharing the lead vocals, John and Larry dueling with strats, Peter O'Brien and Lance laying down the funk underneath.

American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon update, Vonzell Solomon (American Idol) update


American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon update, Vonzell Solomon (American Idol) update.

American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon, who delivers mail, can expect to see America deliver volumes to her now that Postal employees are providing a special Post Office Box for fans to extend congratulations and support.

"Vonzell Solomon has achieved yet another milestone as an American Idol finalist," said Azeezaly S. Jaffer, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, referring to the Ft. Myers, FL Post Office Rural Letter Carrier Associate. "We are all proud of Vonzell as she represents the best of all U.S. Postal Service employees."

"Vonzell Solomon has been living the dream of her life for the last several months," her mother Alice said, "and we are so appreciative of the kind words of support extended from her Postal family. I know Vonzell will retain these cards and letters as treasured keepsakes for the rest of her life."

Fans wishing to send congratulations and words of encouragement should mail to:

Vonzell Solomon
C/O Postmaster
P.O. Box V
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-9998

"With just three competitions to go, our 700,000 member postal family congratulates her and wishes her the best in delivering letter perfect performances as she makes her final rounds. We will continue to sing songs of praise as Vonzell's voice resonates to the top," added Jaffer.

American Idol Season 4 "The Showstoppers" new CD: ORDER IT NOW.

American Idol Corey Clark update, Corey Clark (American Idol) update re. Paula Abdul story


American Idol Corey Clark update, Corey Clark (American Idol) update re. Paula Abdul story.

In a documentary aired last night on ABC former American Idol contestant Corey Clark made various allegations of improper conduct of celebrity judge Paula Abdul.

In a follow-up interview on the Good Morning America show today Corey Clark stated that he will not co-operate with Fox executives in investigating allegations he made. Corey Clark stated that since they had not helped him, he would not be helping them.

His allegations include a sexual relationship and improper help from Paula Abdul while he was a contestant on the TV show in 2003. An agent for Paula Abdul denies the claims stating that Clark is a "liar" and "opportunist".

American Idol Season 4 "The Showstoppers" new CD: ORDER IT NOW.

Delta Goodrem new single and Delta Goodrem new video


Delta Goodrem new single and Delta Goodrem new video!

Delta Goodrem is getting ready to release "A Little Too Late" - the fourth single from her five times Platinum latest album "Mistaken Identity" - and there's a video available now!

With her first-ever national tour of Australia inching closer and closer, Delta Goodrem is gearing up to release the fourth single from her now five times Platinum latest album 'Mistaken Identity' and it's a beauty...

Hitting stores in Australia on Sunday, June 5, "A Little Too Late" was written by Delta Goodrem, Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy, and is a feel-good, coming-of-age pop song with a huge hook that you just won't be able to shake from your head - get used to singing 'do do do' now!

The song also features a hot new clip directed by Anthony Rose (Delta's "I Don't Care", Paul Mac, Anthony Callea, Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll) that shows Delta chilling out with her mates, having a jam on guitar and keys, and looking as gorgeous and carefree as we've seen her yet.

Watch the video for 'A Little Too Late' .

"A Little Too Late" follows hot on the heels of Delta's #1 chart and airplay smash duet "Almost Here" with Brian McFadden and is already getting a huge workout on Australian airwaves.

Stay tuned for the single's tracklisting coming soon...

Delta Goodrem's new single "A Little Too Late" out Sunday, June 5 (on Sony Music/BMG Australia).

Delta Goodrem "Mistaken Identity" CD: ORDER IT NOW.

David Pack new album out in August, David Pack "The Secret of Movin'On" album


David Pack new album out in August, David Pack "The Secret of Movin'On" album.

"Let Them Be Little" Country music star Billy Dean is not only celebrating a top 10 hit on Curb records, he is getting married this Saturday (May 7th) and he's giving a gift of music to his beautiful bride Stephanie at their private ceremony in Brentwood, TN by flying his longtime friend and songwriting collaborator David Pack (former Ambrosia singer/guitarist) in from Los Angeles to sing his hit song "You're The Biggest Part of Me" as part of their wedding ceremony.

Billy Dean and David Pack recently collaborated on an unreleased tribute to Reverend Billy Graham, co-writing the song "Thank You Billy Graham" with Pat Boone. The song and video tribute was produced by David Pack and features Bono, Leann Rimes, Michael McDonald, DC Talk, Andrae Crouch, Tim McGraw, CNN's Larry King, and others.

"I am extremely honored that my good friend Billy asked me to perform at his wedding," Pack said. "I know that Stephanie is the biggest part of his heart. I wish them a lifetime of wedded bliss, both on and off his tour bus."

David Pack's forthcoming new CD "The Secret of Movin On" will be released this coming August on Concord Records. The CD features guest appearances by Ann Wilson (Heart), Steve Perry (Journey), Timothy B. Schmidt (The Eagles), David Benoit, and Dewey Bunnell (America).

The single "The Secret of Movin On" a duet with Heart's Ann Wilson ships to radio in late June. The CD artwork also features original oil paintings by longtime Elton John songwriter Bernie Taupin.
The wedding is also being filmed by Montel Williams show for an upcoming Billy Dean special.

David Pack "Unborn" CD (US edition with bonus track): ORDER IT NOW.

John Farnham and Tom Jones "Together in Concert" DVD, John Farnham and Tom Jones new DVD


John Farnham and Tom Jones "Together in Concert" DVD, John Farnham and Tom Jones new DVD.

Confirming Australia's on-going love affair and adoration of music icon John Farnham, "The Voice" has topped the charts this week, debuting at No 1 with the live DVD of his "Together In Concert" Australian shows with Welsh legend Tom Jones.

Hot on the heels of the "Platinum" CD album (which debuted at No 3 on the ARIA album chart), the unforgettable highlights of John Farnham and Tom Jones "Together In Concert" has topped the ARIA DVD charts this week, debuting in the No 1 spot.

This amazing set contains live footage of all 15 track from the album in 5.1 Dolby surround sound, including solo performances from both Farnham & Jones plus their duets together, as well as bonus backstage footage from the tour, a photo gallery and more...

As the show reached its finale, the guys really hit their stride as they powered through the duets, a few of which featured both John and Tom's respective bands at the same time - that's twenty five people on stage at once!

Not only a great souvenir for any Tom Jones or John Farnham fan, this is an album for anyone who appreciates the artistry of two masters performing in the ultimate entertainment experience. Whether or not you were lucky enough to see the shows live, this DVD is a great way to enjoy the John Farnham and Tom Jones magic from the comfort of your lounge room.

John Farnham and Tom Jones "Together In Concert" DVD tracklisting:
1. Mama Told Me Not To Come - John Farnham and Tom Jones
2. 200 Pounds Of Heavenly Joy - Tom Jones
3. Man Of The Hour - John Farnham
4. What Am I Living For - Tom Jones
5. It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
6. Burn For You - John Farnham
7. Playing To Win - John Farnham
8. My Yiddishe Momme - John Farnham and Tom Jones
9. You're The Voice - John Farnham and Tom Jones
10. That Driving Beat - John Farnham and Tom Jones
11. Hold On I'm Coming - John Farnham and Tom Jones
12. Try A Little Tenderness - John Farnham and Tom Jones
13. What'd I Say - John Farnham and Tom Jones
14. Sweet Soul Music - John Farnham and Tom Jones
15. It's A Long Way To The Top - John Farnham and Tom Jones

John Farnham and Tom Jones "Together In Concert" DVD: ORDER IT NOW.