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Paula Abdul and American Idol, Paula Abdul to Be Voted Off American Idol


Paula Abdul and American Idol, Paula Abdul to Be Voted Off American Idol. Paula Abdul to Be Voted Off American Idol; A Movement to Remove Paula as a Judge.

In recent American Idol episodes, the tension between Paula Abdul and her fellow judges has come to a near high point. In addition, tabloids and various online sources have alleged that Paula Abdul is the center of an off stage affair with a former American Idol contestant. Although reports have not been substantiated, there is concern that Paula Abdul's constant encouragement to male contestants is evidence of her backstage escapades.

Due to Paula Abdul's increasingly biased opinion, voter confidence has plunged in her observation of American Idol contestants. The problem is, however, that she cannot be voted off the show. Voting has been limited to American Idol contestants only.

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I don't think Paula should be voted off the show. I don't believe anything I hear about her until I hear it from her. I say we keep her. Corey is just lying because he probably tried to make a pass at her and she turned him down and made him mad. I love and support you Paula!!

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