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Will Champlin's debut cd "The Goldmine Sessions" is now on sale at

Will Champlin was born in Los Angeles California in April of 1983 to Bill and Tamara Champlin. As a child he was always intrigued by different musical sounds. He was curious about how those musical sounds were made. He began to play the piano at age 10, and the drums at age 11. Although he progressed naturally on his own for some years, he eventually became more technical in his playing. He later discovered that he had a strong sense of harmony and Melody, and became more creative writing songs as well as Composing/Producing.

He became very widely influenced listening to artists all the way from Chick Corea ,Toto, and the Yellowjackets to Tool and Incubus. His wide range of musical tastes from Blues, Rock, Jazz, Classical, R&B, Metal and Hip-Hop has made him an extremely diverse producer. As he approached his twenties he started networking and became good friends with new A&R representatives in L.A. He has his father to thank who would be his main inspiration and mentor as a young musician.

He's often said, "Well I gotta make the legacy live on". Despite of the Music Industry cynicism and Irony of L.A. and Nashville he has kept his reputation in tact. He says "One day, us musicians will bring back real music". A quite controversial statement some say. During the last few years Will has played with the Boston Funk Band '8 Deep', but in April of 2003 he started his own band, featuring him on Keyboards/Auc. Guitar, and Lead Vocals. He has been playing in Los Angeles as well as the Boston area.

"The Goldmine Sessions" tracklist is:

1. One World
2. Brightest Star
3. God Only Knows
4. She Took Me Down
5. To Find This Dream
6. Play Along
7. Freak St.
8. From Now On
9. It's All Beautiful
10. All About You
11. California
12. Shout it Out
13. Time out of Time
14. Something Tells Me


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