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LaToya London new CD, LaToya London "Love & Life" new album in stores September 20 (on Concord Records). First Single of LaToya London is"Appreciate".

With her stunning voice and illuminating beauty, songstress LaToya London captivated audiences across the country when she delivered show-stopping performances week-after-week on the 2004 season of the hit TV show "American Idol." Now, for her millions of loyal fans, the long wait for the singer's debut CD is finally over. LaToya will release "Love & Life," a collection of 14 songs that touches the worlds of pop, urban, and hip-hop, on Sept. 20.

Proving that's she's as smart as she is talented, LaToya London co-wrote several songs on the CD, including the album's explosive first single "Appreciate." A hip-hop ode to the opposite sex, this youthful, cross-over bound track features the rap talent of Black Thought from "The Roots." The single is in stores this August.

One listen to the amazing breadth "Love & Life" reveals a remarkably assured new artist who has only begun to show the world what she is made of. Given LaToya's powerful and stunning vocal talent, the debut is loaded with love songs ("Every Part of Me," "State of My Heart," "Meet Me Halfway," and more) written and produced by industry powerhouses like Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey), Barry J. Eastmond (Aretha Franklin and Anita Baker) and David Foster (Barbra Streisand and Quincy Jones).

With "Love & Life," however, LaToya sets out to prove that she is more than just a master of delivering show-stopping ballads. Along with the album's first single, the CD features the hip hop-spiked, "None-a-Whatcha-Do (Bling)," and the steamy, eye-brow-raising "Scandalous." For the super-spicy "Anything," LaToya runs down a list of things she will do for her man to keep him faithful -- over a seductive sound bed dripping in deep bass, jazzy electric piano, and teasing guitar licks -- that is earlobe-scorching.

LaToya London "Love & Life" is the culmination of a nearly two-year journey for London that began when she auditioned for "American Idol" just after the passing of her father in 2002. Since winning the heart of America, she has been in much demand, touring and making appearances across the U.S. Earlier this year, she performed at the Commissioner's Ball on the eve of SuperBowl XXXIX, and in June, she takes to the stage at the Vibe Music Conference in Atlanta. LaToya has also been back on television, performing on "Soul Train" and acting as the "American Idol" special correspondent for E! Entertainment. She even journeyed to Alabama to interview friends, family and supporters of Bo Brice on the nail-biting finale of this year's "American Idol."

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