"The Secret Of Movin' On", David Pack's long awaited new solo album!
John Mayer Trio: Pino Palladino (bass), John Mayer (guitar, vocals), Steve Jordan (drums), John Mayer trio formed, John Mayer Trio tour

Stephen Stills' new release "Man Alive"!


Stephen Stills' new release "Man Alive"!

Actually touring with bandmates Crosby and Nash in Europe, Stephen Stills releases a new record "Man Alive" on Titan/Pyramid Universal which is a diverse collection of 13 songs. We get blues, jazz, rock n roll, acoustic, electric, spanish and french. The record would be released by Rhino in the USA.

1/Ain’t It Always
2/Feed The People
3/Hearts Gate
4/Round The Bend
5/I Don’t Get It
6/Around Us
7/Old Man Trouble
8/Different Man (with Neil Young)
9/Piece Of Me
10/Wounded World
11/Drivin’ Thunder
13/Spanish Suite

Drivin' Thunder, a track from the new Stephen Stills solo album is here now (mp3 version)!

2005 Solo Album from the Innovative Guitarist and Songwriter of Buffalo Springfield as Well as Crosby Stills and Nash (And Sometimes Young), his First in More Than a Decade. Among the 13 Tracks is a Duet with Good Friend Neil Young.

Stephen Stills "Man Alive" new CD: ORDER IT NOW.

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