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"The Secret Of Movin' On", David Pack's long awaited new solo album!


"The Secret Of Movin' On", David Pack's long awaited new solo album!

One of music's most distinctive voices, David Pack has won acclaim worldwide for both his insightful solo work and as the charismatic lead vocalist—and guitarist—for the celebrated progressive pop-rock group Ambrosia. As a songwriter, David Pack's compositions took the band to the top of the charts repeatedly, and have delivered hits for a diverse group of artists. As a record producer, he’s worked with many of the biggest names in music, his collective works selling over 30 million units. David Pack's imprint producing and music directing truly major events includes the masterminding of President Clinton's two star-studded inaugural galas.

On "The Secret Of Movin' On," his long-awaited new solo album and debut disc for Concord/Peak Records, David Pack's ongoing evolution from his phenomenal stint as Ambrosia's frontman into the compelling artist he is today is revealed in a way that's both powerful and intimate. His creative journey paralleled by one of intense personal exploration, David Pack's latest music—as suggested by the album title—is soulful and authentic, driven by his deep commitment to a spiritual path and the earned wisdom of major life-changing experiences. "I was walking through an emotional hurricane when the opportunity came to make this CD," he explains. "As a result, it's one of my most personal, and most revealing, to date."

As ever, David Pack's stellar song craft shines through as well. In speaking about his mentors and friends Quincy Jones and the late Leonard Bernstein, David said recently, "They were larger-than-life figures who taught me that all great things start with a song. For a songwriter, a great song is like discovering a secret code that you can share with the world."
This mysterious alchemy of artistic translation that Pack refers to works magic throughout "The Secret Of Movin' On".

Highlights include four exciting new vocal collaborations with friends and guest artists, among them the moving ballad "A Brand New Start," featuring the soulful counterpoint of former Journey frontman Steve Perry, who also co-wrote and co-produced the track. "It's one of the handful of songs Steve and I wrote just after 9/11," recalls Pack, adding, "we just needed to express ourselves."

Other harmonic partnerships are the gently seductive title track, the Latin-flavored "The Secret Of Movin' On (Travelin' Light)," graced with Heart's Ann Wilson, and the folksy, "front porch-flavored" "Tell Her Goodbye," featuring David Pack in tandem with Dewey Bunnell of America. The upbeat yet bittersweet "Where We Started From" features a duet with the unmistakable, soaring voice of The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmidt. These and other tracks also feature the instrumental prowess of several of modern Jazz's top talents, including David Benoit, Vinnie Colaiuta, Luis Conte, Russ Freeman, and Eric Marienthal.

On bringing some of his oldest friends to his newest venture, David Pack commented, "Their voices remind us of how we felt at a certain time by triggering something emotionally, but it isn't just about nostalgia—it’s about connections."

Also meaningfully connecting David Pack's present to his rich past are transcendent reworks of two of his most famous compositions, "Biggest Part Of Me" and "You're The Only Woman (You & I)." Both massive Ambrosia hits, these classics sparkle with new life as David Pack reinterprets them with a spirited and jazzy contemporary flair. David Pack closes the album with songs honoring his daughters, the wistful and lovely "Think Of You (Song 4 Kaitlyn)" and "Elizabeth," featuring Beth Pack, a special needs child, ending the track with a heartfelt, "Hey dad."

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