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Toto new album on the way, new Toto album


Toto new album on the way, new Toto album.

From, some update by Steve Lukather about new Toto album:

"Some big names of melodic rock are in the studio this year, with albums due from Night Ranger, Survivor, Journey and Hardline. One of the most anticipated albums currently being recorded is from that classic band Toto.
Things are going well for the guys and I've kept in touch with guitarist Steve Lukather about the band's progress. But time for him to go on record me thinks, so over to Steve:
"Our new record is really coming out better than we could have hoped for, therefore we are taking longer to get it all right before it comes out. We were hoping for the Fall and that may still happen but reality is Jan 2006 and our world tour starts end of Feb..."

And what the band has planned might prove to surprise and please long time fans. Steve continues: "The direction is varied. Its much heavier and more prog is SOME ways, yet still groovin and very melodic in others. The band as a whole have written 95% of the whole record with one of mine and ond one of Paich's that we wrote alone. Greg Phillinganes is now an official 6th member writing, singing and playing WITH David Paich.
Steve Porcaro (his finest work to date in my opinion!) is doing all the weirder synth stuff with the 2 of them 3 keyboard players on this record, well 4 if you include me - as I played piano on one of my ballads. BUT...there is still a LOT of guitar. I am trying to do some weirder stuff but stuff that fits the music."

"If ya wanna come out and see me play as fast as I can then come out and see my fusion tour this summer in Europe. hahaha. With Toto its more about melody and "finess" and trying NOT to play the same old stuff. I got a few flash moments but as I am 47 years old I am not into music as a sport anymore. I dig all the technique, LOVE it and love all the guys that do it. I guess I just want to do the right thing for tune. I am gettin off on the overall sound of the band, not just me wanking away. hahaha."

"I am gonna let Steve P. fuck around with some of my solos in his "Eno-ish" way and see what happens. The songs are a bit longer and not your classic 'lets get it on the radio' style. No point, as radio won't touch us with a 100 foot pole BUT that doesn't mean we are defeated. Quite the contrary really. It's like having freedom for the first time to do what WE wanna do without the constraints from record co. clowns and/or A&R weasels that wouldn't know if something was good until it bled out the hole of their teeny little cocks...but I am not bitter. HAHAHAHA KIDDING!"

And any guests on the upcoming album? "Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull did a little guest thing for us on a piece that was crying for only HIM. He is a great guy and a dear friend and did as a favor for us. It's way cool as we are all old Tull fans from the 70's. Lenny Castro is on percussion as always and we are trying to get Joseph Williams to make a guest appearance for old times sake and there will be a few more unusual guests. We have 8 tunes we dig alot. We need 2 more really killer ones we hope to write and finish by the end of the week and then we will do all the work on those and mix."

And I had to ask Steve if there was a working title for the album. Not as yet it seems. Steve continues: "Title for the record ?? Not yet. The humourous ones always come first and we ARE a bunch of sick fuckers believe me. Those that know me will attest. hahaha I thought "Shart" would be a good one. KIDDING! hahahahaha. We will be serious and are starting to look at ideas for artwork and titles this week. That's all for now. check in with me later and i will have more to tell. thanks to all out there in Melodic world for the support. Hope we don't let ya down!"

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