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The Jones Gang perform live for the 10th Annual American Veteran Awards, "A Race to Patriotism," co-presented by F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment) Stores.


British rock group The Jones Gang, featuring Kenney Jones (The Small Faces, The Faces, The Who), Rick Wills (Foreigner, Peter Frampton, The Small Faces) and Robert Hart (Bad Company), are proud to provide their music for upcoming public service announcement (PSA) television spots. The trio will also perform live during the 10th Annual American Veteran Awards, "A Race to Patriotism," co-presented by F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment) Stores.

Nascar driver Jeff Gordon's PSA will kick off the 10th Annual American Veteran Awards, "A Race to Patriotism," program. Dozens of other NASCAR drivers will also star in the spots which will feature The Jones Gang's power rock ballad, "Angel", a composition written by Robert Hart and Russ Ballard. The song will be featured in 30- and 60-second spots in an effort to encourage the public at large to support our home-front heroes and participate in the AVA's global Military Spouse "Angel" Award nomination process.

These three musicians have performed on some of the most popular and critically acclaimed rock recordings of all timeñincluding "Stay With Me," "It's Only Rock And Roll" and "Juke Box Hero," and have sold a combined 50 million records throughout their careers. Now, with the help of some of their prestigious mates, this trio of well-respected British rockers is set to release their first joint album in July. Titled "Any Day Now, " the CD will be released by AAO Music's Reality label and will, of course, include the rock ballad, "Angel."

The Jones Gang:

Kenney Jones (founder, drums, songwriter)
Jones shot to fame with the Small Faces in 1965 and had his first hit single when he was 17. The band was at the heart of the Mod Revolution that swept Britain, which has since been cited as a major influence upon hundreds of successful bands. Among Jones' major accomplishments was his performance on Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (1968), with his effervescent rhythms helping to immortalize tunes like "Afterglow" and "Song of a Baker." He played in a later incarnation of The Faces with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood, and by the late seventies, Jones was recognized as one of the top drummers in the rock world; in fact, he was The Who's top choice to replace Keith Moon after his tragic death in 1978. Jones' has appeared on albums by Pete Townshend, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Wings. Rock radio favorites on which he's performed include "Stay With Me," "It's Only Rock 'N Roll," "You Better, You Bet" and the Tommy soundtrack.

Rick Wills (bass, vocals)
Wills' first experience playing in bands dates back to when he linked up with friend Dave Gilmour (pre-Pink Floyd) in the mid-60s. He went on to play on Peter Frampton's first solo album, Winds of Change (1972), and also performed in Frampton's first post-Humble Pie band for two and a half years. Wills' became Roxy Music's touring bass player and later, when the band broke up, he was enlisted by Steve Marriott to replace Ronnie Lane in the Small Faces reformation. He joined Foreigner and recorded four albums with them, including 4 (1981) and Agent Provocateur (1984.) In 1993, he joined Bad Company in 1993.Wills' contributions to rock radio staples include Foreigner's "Head Games," "Urgent," "Juke Box Hero," "Waiting for a Girl Like You" and " I Want To Know What Love Is."

Robert Hart (vocals)
Hart's ability as a singer and song writer have earned him respect and acclaim throughout the industry. His diverse talents have led him to successfully write and produce albums, front a legendary rock band, write the soundtrack for a major Hollywood movie and achieve triple platinum-record success. He then became the first English artist to be signed by Disney-owned Hollywood Records, and worked with Russ Ballard on his self-titled album which rose in the charts in more than 18 countries. While touring following the release of the album, Hart was approached by Mick Ralphs of Bad Company and asked to front the band. Hart accepted and for the next four years, he toured with them extensively and co-wrote two of the band's albums. Over the years, Hart went on to be involved in projects with many well-known artists, such as Andy Taylor of Duran Duran.


Hiya Robert mammy said what a superstar and enjoyed the gig saturday night,she hasnt stopped playing cd since she particularly enjoys lucy and hole in my sole love from Emily and Helen xoxox

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