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Lukather on new Pink Floyd tribute album

Regarding, on September 27th 2005 Purple Pyramids will release a brand new Pink Floyd tribute album called Back against the wall, a tribute to Floyd's legendary album The wall. Lukather contributed to the songs Another brick in the wall, part 3 (together with Tony Levin) and Hey you (with John Wetton, Alan White and Tommy Shaw). Also featuring are Luke's Toto peers Bobby Kimball, Mike Porcaro and Steve Porcaro.

"Omit the harsh", Bucho's new album!


Omit The Harsh is an entertaining and intimate follow up to Bucho’s self titled 2003 debut. It’s a fresh addition to today’s commercial music market, bridging the gap between old school horn bands of the past and today’s contemporary Urban Soul. Bucho is currently touring the West Coast to promote this new release.   

Three time Sacramento Area Music Award (SAMMIE) winning band, iBucho!, has been working hard over the past six years. iBucho!’s music provides a fabulous collaboration of styles and textures. They create their original compositions with elements of rock, jazz fusion, pop, Afro-Cuban, and just straight up funk. The band’s eclecticism and energetic live shows have made them a slew of die hard fans as well as press darlings.
Sounding like the bastard child of CAKE and SUBLIME, iBucho! not only looks great on stage but their off the hook live show guarantees a full dance floor.


1. The Joy I Bring
2. Pain & Pleasuring
3. Original Lover
4. Henry
5. Omit The Harsh
6. That's What I Say
7. Medicine
8. The Touch
9. It's Too Late
10. Hard Headed Woman
11. Free Your Hand
12. The Time It Takes/
13. What A Day

Balance II issue self titled ready for release!


Regarding, Balance II project is complete and ready for release. This is one wildly diverse melodic release! While the album has an AOR base, musically speaking it is also equal parts Westcoast, pomp, progressive and melodic rock.

The CD features guitarist/keyboardist Brian Moritz, drummer Rod Morgenstein, bassist Dave LaRue, backing vocals by Thom Griffin, newest members Vince Claps on lead vocals, and Joel Kaplan on keyboards. Tommy Denander appears on a cameo where he and Brian swap solos on a prog-rock cut The Way We Do.
The guys mix their own unique style with parts of Mecca, Toto, Chicago, Yes, Queen and The Eagles!
Brian Moritz recently stated: "Having a foot in many styles of music may make it a bit more difficult to market Balance II than a typical CD on some levels, but we're hoping the word spreads in the melodic rock community, as well as the audiophile community. As a writer/producer, I don't want there to be a very preconceived notion of what Balance will sound like on this or any future release. This band is attempting to brings things back into fashion that are currently out of fashion, from wailing solos, to huge vocal harmonies, to playing fusion music and arena-type rock, and then on the other hand straight up rock and roll and R&B.

We make abrupt stylistic turns on a few cuts, showing we take our music - but not ourselves to seriously. I don t think any one of the band members ever got into music to play just one style of music, and thankfully we don t have a label forcing us to deliver a CD just like the last disk or the latest hit on the radio. The Balance II CD is about the celebration of artistic freedom first and foremost. Bryan Mitchell the engineer and I had so much fun - we ended up starting a full-scale production studio."

"Barely Famous", Warren Brothers's new cd!


The Warren Brother's new album on BNA Records, BARELY FAMOUS HITS, plays off the catchphrase. Due in stores August 2nd, HITSshowcases the duo's musical and songwriting chops on 12 of their previously released tunes that at one time or another eased into the Top 40 or eventhe Top 20. Several of the songs were re-played, re-recorded and re-mixed, including "Guilty," their first single from 1998, "GreyhoundBus," "What We Can't Have" and "Change," the catchy theme to their CMT series that is also the project's first single. Three other tunes on the album, "Hey Mr. President", "Sell A Lot Of Beer” and “Come Back”, originally produced by Tim McGraw and ByronGallimore, were released as demos on their independent record, WELL DESERVED OBSCURITY(429 Records). Last year’s single, “Sell A Lotof Beer” –was accompanied by a Top Ten CMT video that depicted – among other things -- Brett as Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks and Michael Jackson.

1. Change
2. What We Can't Have
3. Greyhound Bus
4. Guilty
5. Come Back
6. Where Does It Hurt
7. Waiting for the Light to Change
8. Move on
9. Hey Mr. President
10. Sell a Lot of Beer
11. King of Nothing
12. That's the Beat of a Heart

Listen to the new single, "CHANGE", from the Warren Brother's Barely Famous Hits CD.

Michael McDonald, the Ultimate Collection!


Rhino Records will release Michael McDonald: The ultimate collection. This cd will be released August 9 and will contain 19 songs. Michael play some of his biggest hits from his Doobie Brother days and his solo career, including his Gold and Platinum Motown I and Motown II CDs. See the video commercial here!
Michael is in the studio finishing a new Christmas record to be released this season on the Hallmark label.

"Falling in Between" Toto's new album!

Last week the band made their decision about the title of the new Toto album: Falling in between.
The album will be released Januari/Februari 2006. The Toto world tour 2006 will start in Februari 2006.

Steve Lukather: "We now can say it officially: the title of the new Toto record will be Falling in between. Artsy and cool sounding and it defines us musically as falling in between styles and falling in between being young and old... It describes our music as no one can put us in one box style wise, never have been able to. We have fallen in between the cracks as we play so many styles. This is what pisses critics off. Versatility. They want there "rock music" very simple a defined. 2 things which we are not, hahaha. It also defines where we are at in terms of our lives. We are not young, yet we are not old yet either. Falling in between is also the lead track on the record. I think its more a 'Pink Floyd esque' title myself and thats what we are goin for... Believe me this hasn't been easy to get 7 people to agree on a title.
We have the photos being made by a guy named Jeff Sedlik who did Miles, Dizzy, BB King, all very hip black and white shadowed photos... should be cool."

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