"Barely Famous", Warren Brothers's new cd!
"Omit the harsh", Bucho's new album!

Balance II issue self titled ready for release!


Regarding MelodicRock.com, Balance II project is complete and ready for release. This is one wildly diverse melodic release! While the album has an AOR base, musically speaking it is also equal parts Westcoast, pomp, progressive and melodic rock.

The CD features guitarist/keyboardist Brian Moritz, drummer Rod Morgenstein, bassist Dave LaRue, backing vocals by Thom Griffin, newest members Vince Claps on lead vocals, and Joel Kaplan on keyboards. Tommy Denander appears on a cameo where he and Brian swap solos on a prog-rock cut The Way We Do.
The guys mix their own unique style with parts of Mecca, Toto, Chicago, Yes, Queen and The Eagles!
Brian Moritz recently stated: "Having a foot in many styles of music may make it a bit more difficult to market Balance II than a typical CD on some levels, but we're hoping the word spreads in the melodic rock community, as well as the audiophile community. As a writer/producer, I don't want there to be a very preconceived notion of what Balance will sound like on this or any future release. This band is attempting to brings things back into fashion that are currently out of fashion, from wailing solos, to huge vocal harmonies, to playing fusion music and arena-type rock, and then on the other hand straight up rock and roll and R&B.

We make abrupt stylistic turns on a few cuts, showing we take our music - but not ourselves to seriously. I don t think any one of the band members ever got into music to play just one style of music, and thankfully we don t have a label forcing us to deliver a CD just like the last disk or the latest hit on the radio. The Balance II CD is about the celebration of artistic freedom first and foremost. Bryan Mitchell the engineer and I had so much fun - we ended up starting a full-scale production studio."


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