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"Barely Famous", Warren Brothers's new cd!


The Warren Brother's new album on BNA Records, BARELY FAMOUS HITS, plays off the catchphrase. Due in stores August 2nd, HITSshowcases the duo's musical and songwriting chops on 12 of their previously released tunes that at one time or another eased into the Top 40 or eventhe Top 20. Several of the songs were re-played, re-recorded and re-mixed, including "Guilty," their first single from 1998, "GreyhoundBus," "What We Can't Have" and "Change," the catchy theme to their CMT series that is also the project's first single. Three other tunes on the album, "Hey Mr. President", "Sell A Lot Of Beer” and “Come Back”, originally produced by Tim McGraw and ByronGallimore, were released as demos on their independent record, WELL DESERVED OBSCURITY(429 Records). Last year’s single, “Sell A Lotof Beer” –was accompanied by a Top Ten CMT video that depicted – among other things -- Brett as Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks and Michael Jackson.

1. Change
2. What We Can't Have
3. Greyhound Bus
4. Guilty
5. Come Back
6. Where Does It Hurt
7. Waiting for the Light to Change
8. Move on
9. Hey Mr. President
10. Sell a Lot of Beer
11. King of Nothing
12. That's the Beat of a Heart

Listen to the new single, "CHANGE", from the Warren Brother's Barely Famous Hits CD.


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