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"Falling in Between" Toto's new album!

Last week the band made their decision about the title of the new Toto album: Falling in between.
The album will be released Januari/Februari 2006. The Toto world tour 2006 will start in Februari 2006.

Steve Lukather: "We now can say it officially: the title of the new Toto record will be Falling in between. Artsy and cool sounding and it defines us musically as falling in between styles and falling in between being young and old... It describes our music as no one can put us in one box style wise, never have been able to. We have fallen in between the cracks as we play so many styles. This is what pisses critics off. Versatility. They want there "rock music" very simple a defined. 2 things which we are not, hahaha. It also defines where we are at in terms of our lives. We are not young, yet we are not old yet either. Falling in between is also the lead track on the record. I think its more a 'Pink Floyd esque' title myself and thats what we are goin for... Believe me this hasn't been easy to get 7 people to agree on a title.
We have the photos being made by a guy named Jeff Sedlik who did Miles, Dizzy, BB King, all very hip black and white shadowed photos... should be cool."

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