Balance II issue self titled ready for release!
Lukather on new Pink Floyd tribute album

"Omit the harsh", Bucho's new album!


Omit The Harsh is an entertaining and intimate follow up to Bucho’s self titled 2003 debut. It’s a fresh addition to today’s commercial music market, bridging the gap between old school horn bands of the past and today’s contemporary Urban Soul. Bucho is currently touring the West Coast to promote this new release.   

Three time Sacramento Area Music Award (SAMMIE) winning band, iBucho!, has been working hard over the past six years. iBucho!’s music provides a fabulous collaboration of styles and textures. They create their original compositions with elements of rock, jazz fusion, pop, Afro-Cuban, and just straight up funk. The band’s eclecticism and energetic live shows have made them a slew of die hard fans as well as press darlings.
Sounding like the bastard child of CAKE and SUBLIME, iBucho! not only looks great on stage but their off the hook live show guarantees a full dance floor.


1. The Joy I Bring
2. Pain & Pleasuring
3. Original Lover
4. Henry
5. Omit The Harsh
6. That's What I Say
7. Medicine
8. The Touch
9. It's Too Late
10. Hard Headed Woman
11. Free Your Hand
12. The Time It Takes/
13. What A Day


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