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"Dancin' in the moonlight", Orleans's first in-studio album of new songs in nearly 10 years


Best known for their hits "Still the One" and "Dance With Me," Orleans was founded in New York in 1972 by John Hall, Larry Hoppen and Wells Kelly. Hoppen's brother Lance joined before the group signed with ABC Records in 1973. In 1974 Orleans recorded a self-produced album in New York's Bearsville Studio. Then the band move for Asylum records to release the album Let There Be Magic in 1974, featuring the group's first big hit, 1975's "Dance with Me." Read more...

The new ORLEANS CD "Dancin' in the moonlight" is helping the city of New Orleans !
The band have committed to donating 10% of ALL CD SALES (not only the new CD) to Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and ACORN relief programs for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"Dancin' in the moonlight" is Orleans' first in-studio album of new songs in nearly 10 years.


1 Mission of Mercy 
2 Dancin' in the Moonlight 
3 Heaven 
4 Yestertime 
5 In My Dream 
6 The Walking Wounded
7 Get A Life 
8 (I Need a) Break from My Vacation 
9 What Was I Thinkin' 
10 (Love's Not Just For) Other People 
11 Issues


Don't get me wrong, any new material from Orleans is a blessing but this album has only five new tracks on it and the rest have been previously on Orleans or John Hall albums. Incidentally, the title track is wonderful and (nearly) worth the price of the album on its own!!!

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