"Dancin' in the moonlight", Orleans's first in-studio album of new songs in nearly 10 years
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Larry Carlton SteveLukather Band - The Paris concert


The Paris concert DVD contains an almost 60 minutes registration of the Carlton & Lukather concert on July 9th 2001 in Paris, France (during the No substitutions tour in Europe). It also features some cool footage: soundcheck sketches, in conversation with Larry Carlton, talking to Luke and guitar tips from Larry to his friends.

Steve Lukather: "This is a really good DVD. We OK'd it. I recommend it as it was a great night for both of us! One of the better live DVD's of me for sure. I had NOTHING to do with it. Hahaha. NO fixes, I wasn't there for the mixes or editing. Maybe God is trying to tell me something. Hahaha. I hope it DOES do well! I would like to work with Larry again!"

1 The pump (Simon Phillips, Tony Hymas)
2 Blues force (Larry Carlton)
3 It was only yesterday (Larry Carlton)
4 Red house (Jimi Hendrix)
5 Don't give it up (Larry Carlton)
6 Room 335 (Larry Carlton)
7 Put it where you want it (Joe Sample)

Larry Carlton - guitar
Steve Lukather - guitar
Rick Jackson - keyboards
Chris Kent - bass
Gary Furgeson - drums


Check out this song from Jon Randle, called North Carolina Moon.

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