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A new Survivor album announced for 2006!

New Toto album out on Frontiers Records


Frontiers Records is immensely proud to announce the signing of TOTO for the release of their forthcoming new studio album Falling in between. The album will reach the shops early February 2006. Lukather: "If this is the last record we ever make (it won’t be, I hope), I can walk away knowing we threw DOWN the best we got. I hope the fans will all enjoy and appreciate the love and passion that went into making "Falling in Between, see you all very soon on tour!"

The final tracklisting will include songs like the title track Falling in between, Simple life, Dying on my feet, Bottom of your soul, Let it go, Nowhere in sight, Spiritual man, Ain't your world, The reefer man and Hooked. Lukather: "Our old singer Joseph Williams came back and did a duet with me that's total radio, almost like Africa part 2", plus there is Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), the Chicago horn section, L. Shankar (Peter Gabriel), Lenny Castro, Steve Porcaro, jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove and more guests. I think when people hear it everyone will have a smile on the face. EVERYONE in the band brought their best to the party! Got mix #5 and we are on a roll. Wait till you hear the FINAL music wilth all the overdubs and great mixes."

Lukather: "Frontiers, that's belief! WAY better than fucking Sony Records who we made 250 MILLION dollars for! Not even a "reach-around" after 25 years. Fuck them, hahaha. For real. Shit, if we counted records we did outside of Toto JUST for Sony, forget about all the other labels, we could own the fucking place. Hahaha BUT... I digress... As for being "Dated"… well, yeah we are dated. I am gonna be 48 Friday and I am the youngest guy in the band. We have spent over 8 months and OUR $$ and time on our own to TRY and do our personal best for you and US. Now, having said that I know whatever we do someone will not dig it and others will."


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