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Rick Braun new album "Yours truly"


Cover tunes. Nine of them. But before you think, “Oh, no…not another CD of cover tunes,” let me paint the picture for you. Rick Braun has put together a CD of tracks that have never been covered in a fully instrumental way. These songs have real meaning to him. These songs bring back amazing memories for him.  And as I listened to Yours Truly, even just the first time, it brought back memories and images from my own past… and I could not help but smile! This is Rick Braun’s first release on his own record label, ARTizen Music.

The CD opens up with a kickin’ version of the Earth, Wind and Fire tune “Shining Star.” Rick’s trumpet adds a whole new dimension to this. And no one can help but sing along. And the singing continues right along with “Holding Back the Years.” Rick makes this Simply Red tune sound fresh and new. Next up is “Love’s Theme,” a remake of the old Love Unlimited Orchestra song. Listening to this track made me think of my high school prom. But listening to Rick, I kept wondering if he ever breathes while playing.  His trumpet playing is amazing, powerful and exhausting for me!  “All Around the World” is an 80’s Lisa Stansfield tune that Rick truly makes his own. The trumpet gives it a whole new feel.

"Yours Truly" accurately represents this collection of great songs.  These songs are some of Rick’s favorites, presented to you in a new way and will once again be favorites of yours. 

- Bonnie Schendell from Smooth Views

Track List
1. Shining Star
2. Holdin' Back the Years
3. Love's Theme
4. All Around the World
5. Walk on the Wild Side
6. Daughters
7. Groove Is in the Heart
8. Kiss of Life
9. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?


I noticed that you have reprinted my review of the Rick Braun CD, "Yours Truly." I am flattered, and do appreciate that you credited me and SmoothViews. However, we do require that permission be requested for reprints of our material before it being done. Thank you for understanding and for requesting permission in the future.

Bonnie Schendell

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