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Back Porch welcomes Pinmonkey!


Back Porch is proud to announce the signing of Pinmonkey for their new album, BIG SHINY CARS, available early 2006!

Michael Reynolds, singer of the band says: "We wanted you to be the first to know. Pinmonkey has signed a record deal with Back Porch Records, a subsidiary of EMI Music. We are very excited about working with Back Porch and the feeling is mutual. The Back Porch folks are really great and are genuinely excited about working to spread the Pinmonkey gospel. I think we finally found that can of gasoline!! Back Porch will be releasing the new album that we know the Junkies have been looking forward to for a long while now. Back Porch isn't wasting any time. We have already done a photo shoot for the album and plans for a video are in the works. The album is slated to be released early March, and we are looking forward to being back on the road early in the new year.


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