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Kelly Keagy is working on his new studio album!

NIGHT RANGER drummer / singer Kelly Keagy is busy working hard to complete his new studio album. Some of the songs he has been working on include “Call In Another Day”, “In The Back of Your Mind”, “All In The Blink of An Eye”, “The World Before and After”, “When Nobody’s Looking”, “I’m Alive”, “Where The Road Ends”, “One”, “A Life Worth Remembering”, “Stolen”, “You’re Everything In a Woman”. Kelly has written many songs together with Jim Peterik (ex SURVIVOR, PRIDE OF LIONS). The record will also feature Kelly’s THE MOB bandmate, Reb Beach on guitar while the mix will be handled by none other than Kip Winger. Frontiers Records plans to release the new – as yet untitled album – in mid 2006.

Vertigo 2 to be released in mid 2006

Former TOTO singer Joseph Williams – also featured on vocals on the forthcoming TOTO single “Bottom of Your Soul” - is currently busy recording the vocals of the second VERTIGO album. The songs which will be included on the record include in no particular order: “Not Gonna Live Forever” (written by Joseph together with Joey Carbone), “Save It All Alone”, “All For You”, “Goodbye – So Long”, “Part of Me”, “In The Blink of An Eye”, “There’s A Reason”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, “Hold Me”.

This time the lineup includes drummer extraordinaire Virgil Donati (SOUL SIRKUS, RING OF FIRE) and guitar virtuoso Alex Masi, with Fabrizio Grossi handling again bass and production duties.

The album is scheduled for release in mid 2006.

Will Champlin's new website and upcoming realease!


Ask Will Champlin, keyboardist.vocalist, where he gets his inspiration, and he will answer, “In the blood.” That may not be too far from the truth; his mother is an accomplished vocalist and singer-songwriter, and his father the lead vocalist for one of the most popular American rock bands of all time.

With a background like that, it may not come as a surprise that music was a defining element in his upbringing. When he wasn’t on the road with his parents (tours that often took him as far as Japan and Sweden) he was playing along to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix when he was eight years old. By the time he attended Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2001, he had begun to develop a reputation as both a prolific and mature songwriter, and, eased along by partnerships with a number of Grammy Award-winning writers, his distinct sound had begun to take shape.

One listen to “Shout It Out” or “Freak Street,” two of the tracks on his upcoming release, reveals a myriad of distinct influences embedded within the funky R&B-spiked pop songs. Momentary shades of Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, and Prince rise through the rock tunes one after another, firmly anchoring the verses and choruses to the soul roots the band returns to time and time again.

Fortified by the addition of a five-piece backup band, Will Champlin is building a name for himself with a live show of surprising maturity. Infectious melodies and funky guitar are pushed along by a powerful rock bottom end. Over it all, Champlin’s voice calls out the words with an edge expressive beyond his years.

Impressive in delivery and big on soul, the Will Champlin Band is keen on connecting to fans through songs about love and loss, lust and desire. Says Champlin, “Those songs seem to touch people more. Because they’re true.”

Chicago XXX to be released soon!!!

Regarding, Chicago XXX (also known as Chicago 30) is the next studio album by the American rock/pop band Chicago, scheduled for a February 28, 2006 release. Their thirtieth official album, it will be Chicago's first studio release of new and original pop/rock material since 1991's Twenty 1.

The album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with horn sessions in Los Angeles, California over the summer of 2005. Production duties were handled by Jay DeMarcus"/a> of the country group Rascal Flatts, who came to the project through a friendship with Chicago's Jason Scheff. The band first previewed two tracks from the effort - "Feel" and "Caroline" - during their Autumn 2005 concert tour.

In early December 2005, both and listed XXX with a projected release date of February 28, 2006. The album will be released on the Rhino/WEA record label (a subsidiary of Warner Music Group).

The final track listing for this album is yet to be announced. However, songs that are likely to be on the album include: "Feel" (Orton/Daly), "90 Degrees and Freezing" (Lamm/James/DeMarcus/Scheff), "Come to Me, Do" (Lamm), "Caroline" (Scheff/Sandford).

Bobby Caldwell will sings on the next Jason Miles project "What's Goin' On : The Music of Marvin Gaye"

According Smooth Jazz Vibes Bobby Caldwell will sing on "Distant Lover" a song on the next Jason Miles project "What's Goin' On : The Music of Marvin Gaye".

On his last album, producer and keyboardist Jason Miles – who has collaborated with many of the top names in smooth jazz – invoked the sprit of the late jazz trumpeter Miles Davis with a work called Miles to Miles.

Now Miles has his sights on the songs of Marvin Gaye for a CD he’s just finished recording called What’s Goin’ On: The Music of Marvin Gaye. Miles rearranged many of Marvin’s greatest hits and enlisted several top-notch musicians to help him, like Bobby Caldwell, guitarist Nick Colionne on “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” Spyro Gyra saxophonist Jay Beckenstein on “Too Busy Thinkin’ Bout My Baby” and trumpeter Herb Alpert on “Let’s Get It On.” As always, Miles assembled a killer rhythm section with bassists Marcus Miller, Scott Ambush and James Genus, drummer Gene Lake and percussionist Cyro Baptista on board here.

Among the CD’s other songs are such Marvin Gaye nuggets as “What’s Goin’ On,” “Sexual Healing,” “Mercy Mercy Me” and “Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing.” There's a good mixture of instrumental and vocal tunes, with some inspired singing by Mike Mattison, Chiara Civello, James "D Train" Williams and Guida DePalma.

Miles says the idea for the CD came on an October evening at a restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard that was playing Marvin Gaye songs. Miles is no stranger to compilations. He has produced several other concept albums, including To Grover, With Love, Celebrating the Music of Weather Report and A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins.

What’s Goin’ On: The Music of Marvin Gaye will be available Feb. 7 on the Narada label.

After listening to an advance copy of this CD, I feel condident in saying it's one of the best tribute projects to come down the road in a long time. Miles takes Marvin's music in a new direction, and it's exhilarating.

"Chicks & Guitars" new Tony Spinner album available on his site!


"Tony Spinner, musician, guitarist and vocalist is not only a blues player through and through who lives and breaths blues music, he is also blessed with an incredible voice as well as an amazing guitar technique. That's what makes him such an exciting performer to see live!"

Tony Spinner has joined the grammy award winning Toto band and has performed on all their shows since 1999, singing background vocals (high harmonies) plus electric and acoustic guitar. He now sings lead vocals with TOTO on their big hit "I can't stop Loving You". He appears on the Toto CD "Livefields" and on the Toto "Live in Amsterdam" DVD released in September 2003.

Tony Spinner has three records of his own released on the Blues Bureau International Label. The first record, "Saturn Blues" was recorded in 1993, "My '64" in 1995, and "Crosstown Sessions" in 1996. He was also chosen to record on the label's tribute albums to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King, "Hat's Off to Stevie Ray," and "Fit for A. King."
His most recent work includes a remake of "Up From the Skies" on the "Voodoo Crossing, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix" CD released in November 2003. Since 1998, he has also performed on two records and toured with Paul Gilbert, formerly of Mr. Big, playing electric and acoustic guitar and singing background vocals. Prior to 1998, Tony toured as guitarist and background vocalist for the Pat Travers Band.


1 Turn It Up
2 As Good As It Gets
3 Faith Hope & Love
4 Never Meant To Hurt You
5 Tied Up In Love
6 Lovesick
7 Politics Man
8 Love don't Take Time
9 Bourbon And A Fast Car
10 Caledonia
11 You Lied To Me

Rosanne Cash New Album "Black Cadillac"


Here is an article from about the new album from Rosanne Cash due January 24th.
Johnny Cash is dead. Long live Johnny Cash. He's got three albums moving on the charts right now. The new movie about his life continues to draw crowds. His spirit and myth remain very much alive.
And his essence lives on in an upcoming album from one of his daughters. Rosanne Cash remains one of the most distinctive voices in popular music, and she will be forever linked to her father and to her own country legacy. Her new Black Cadillac (due Jan. 24) is far and away the most personal work she has ever recorded.
In the span of two years, from 2003 to 2005, Rosanne lost her father, her mother, Vivian Liberto Cash, and her stepmother, June Carter Cash. And those losses obviously shook her to her core. Losing them led to some of the most intense soul-searching she's ever poured into her songwriting here in Black Cadillac. The title song is about the final black Cadillac hearse that bore Johnny Cash's body away, which reminded her of the black Caddys he used to drive ("You were always rolling/But those wheels burnt up your life"). The ghosts of her three parents hover ever close to these songs, and a palpable sense of grief and mourning infuse/suffuse them. In many ways, it's a grief assuaged by acceptance and eventually even a celebration of their lives, but it remains a very real grief, nonetheless. "Now one of us gets to go to heaven," she sings. "One of us has to stay here in hell."
This is one of the most meaningful and musically significant works of her career. And it goes beyond the lyrics, as key as they are. Rosanne Cash has become increasingly musically proficient over the years, and her songs and arrangements more and more encompass musical influences ranging from country to classical to trance to gypsy to folk. I know she's talked in the past about listening to such composers as the Estonian music composer Arvo Part, and I think I can hear some of his funereal, drone-like influences here.
Rosanne recorded half of this in New York with her husband, John Leventhal, producing. The other half was produced in Los Angeles by Bill Bottrell, best known recently for his work with Five for Fighting and earlier albums by Shelby Lynne and Sheryl Crow. The odd-numbered songs on the album were produced by Bottrell, and the even-numbered ones were produced by Leventhal.
Song after song references Johnny directly or indirectly, from "I Was Watching You" ("You never came back, but I know you tried") to "The World Unseen," a very haunting evocation of a mystical realm in which Rosanne sings, "I have a lock of hair and one-half of my heart so I will look for you between the grooves of songs we sing/Westward leading, still proceeding into the world unseen." In "House on the Lake," an ode to the Cash compound on Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville outside Nashville, she intones, "But I hear his voice close in my ear/I see her smile and wave/I'm blink and while my eyes are closed/They both have gone away." Tiny sound bites of Johnny speaking pop up twice before songs.
In her liner notes to Black Cadillac, Cash writes that some of these songs were written with a "foreboding, some as an attempt to heal, some in anger, some in grief, some in defiance of the public appropriation of grief, some in gratitude for a shared experience, some in acceptance and some in denial, some in complete loss of faith and some in renewal of faith, some in confusion and sadness, and some in peace." Writing them, she says, helped her to accept what she could understand as well as what she could not fathom.
Now, she writes, she understands, "Loss was a door to appreciation and to a new sense of my own ancestry. I also came to understand that relationships founded on love do not end when one person leaves the planet."
For Rosanne Cash, missing Johnny Cash the Icon is one thing, but it's missing Johnny Cash the Daddy that's going to be the hardest.

New Jay Graydon album in 2006!

In mid to late February 2006 Jay Graydon will release a new album that will knock your socks off!!!
All songs on this upcoming album are transferred from analog masters, recorded by Jay and Co. in the 70s, into a digital masterpiece of quality music and this is as close as it will ever get to another AIRPLAY album!!! How about that???!!!

This new album "Past to Present - the 70s" features Jay Graydon on vocals, guitars, bass and some synth stuff; great singers such as Bill Champlin, Marc Jordan, Tata Vega, Lisa DalBello, Ed Whiting and more. On all tracks other musicians include such top names as David Foster, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, Greg Mathieson, to name a few.

The album will have around 20 tracks and this stuff has never been released before. Apart from the 10 main songs, there are near 10 more bonus songs - fun stuff like TV themes, a jingle, and a few instrumental tracks of some of the first 10 songs.

Jay says about his new album: "If you are interested in hearing great singers, musicians, and songwriters that had surfaced as "top notch" in the 70s during the beginning of their professional careers, you will enjoy the CD."

Read the new interview with Jay Graydon on

Bread drummer Mike Botts Passed Away


Mike Botts, 61, best-known as the drummer for the 1970s rock band Bread, died of cancer Dec. 9 at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank.

Botts, who also recorded and toured with Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogelberg, Eddie Money, Tina Turner, Andrew Gold, Karla Bonoff, Rita Coolidge, Albert Hammond, Seals & Crofts, Peter Cetera, Eric Carmen, Wendy Waldman, J.D. Souther, Brock Walsh, Dan Peek, Sharon O'Neill, Peter McCann, Kerry Chater, Rosemary Butler, and others, grew up in Sacramento and began playing the drums in high school. He joined Bread in time to make the group's second album, "On the Waters."

With the dissolution of Bread in 1973, Botts became a session drummer and recorded and toured with Ronstadt. He rejoined Bread in 1977 for a one-album reunion and tour before resuming session playing.