Vertigo 2 to be released in mid 2006
"Alibi", new album from LAVA!

Kelly Keagy is working on his new studio album!

NIGHT RANGER drummer / singer Kelly Keagy is busy working hard to complete his new studio album. Some of the songs he has been working on include “Call In Another Day”, “In The Back of Your Mind”, “All In The Blink of An Eye”, “The World Before and After”, “When Nobody’s Looking”, “I’m Alive”, “Where The Road Ends”, “One”, “A Life Worth Remembering”, “Stolen”, “You’re Everything In a Woman”. Kelly has written many songs together with Jim Peterik (ex SURVIVOR, PRIDE OF LIONS). The record will also feature Kelly’s THE MOB bandmate, Reb Beach on guitar while the mix will be handled by none other than Kip Winger. Frontiers Records plans to release the new – as yet untitled album – in mid 2006.


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