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"So much to say" by George Grunwald


George Grunwald has a diverse background. Born in Poland, raised in Sweden, based in Spain. His music travelled to far-off places such as Israel and America. George lived in San Diego and New York for 6 years, where he worked as a session musician, singer, musician, producer, composer, artist.
His new album is called "So much to say". Prior to that he recorded four albums. All songs were written and composed together with the famous Swedish musician and composer Hakan Mjornheim.
Musicians featuring on "So much to say" are: Lou Pardini, Warren Wiebe, David Garfield, Jason Scheff, Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Alex Lighterwood, Eric Marienthal, Mark Leadford, Oli Poulsen and Hakan Mjornheim. George Grunwald plays guitars, keyboards and sings all lead vocals.

1 So much to say
2 With every breath
3 Don't give it up
4 Touch the sun
5 Save my love
6 You know
7 Mystery girl

Steve & Trev Lukather on new Soussan album

According to, this month songwriter, producer & musician Phil Soussan will release his first solo album, called Vibrate, on Puss In Blue Records. Steve Lukather & his son Trevor did some playing on the album, besides Simon Phillips, Gregg Bissonette, Richie Kotzen, David Paich, Jeff Babko, Steve Porcaro and Phil himself (vocals, guitars, bass).
Phil: "I chose the title VIBRATE because that is what I would like to describe happening when people hear the record. I hope that the sentiments that I felt when I wrote the songs will resonate the same feelings in the listeners. I would like people to relate to these stories based on my experiences. If that happens then I feel I will have done what I set out to do! When I look to the audience I want to see people react to the songs; they may be affected by them or they may not relate them but I want them to feel something! I think of my music as being provocative in that respect!"

Goodies for Survivor fans!

Waiting for upcoming new Survivor album on Frontiers Record, enjoy two cool cover songs of the band: "Eyes of the tiger" in a "crooner" version sung by Paul Anka on his new album "Rock Swings". The other song is "The search is over" originaly from "Vital signs" fourth album and now beautifully covered by Country Singer Colin Raye on his latest record "Twenty years and change".


Return of Michael Thompson with new cd called "MT Speaks"


"MT Speaks" - The New CD by talented Guitarist Michael Thompson is ready to ship via his Official Website!

Good Surprises!! Michael is planning to re-issue his last album "The World According To M.T." with two new songs that were recorded for the new album but wouldn't fit on "Speaks". He's also planning to re-release his album MTB "How Long" also containing two previously unreleased tracks plus a new song written by singer Moon Calhoun and myself.

Learn more about Michael Thompson...

Discover "OneSong" by Kevin McCourt


Discover "OneSong" - Lessons of the Silent Masters, a warm, compassionate song and an enlightening companion booklet make OneSong a truly inspirational experience and a joy for all animal lovers.

"OneSong" written and performed by Kevin McCourt is beautiful and completely moving!
From slavery to love. This story could be our own -- the profound awakening of the human spirit by an animal.
"Our journey continues to lead us to an ever deepening connection to all that they give -- love!"

"One song" each volume, contains: An Audio CD with a professional recording of a song and short story.
A beautiful, 24-page pictorial companion booklet of the audio text and features some great songs on it with guest artists like Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Bob Birch (Elton John), Bill Meyers, Maurice White (Earth, Wind and Fire) and more. Listen a sample here!

OneSong Foundation: The One Song Program teaches children how to develop empathy and compassion as an alternative to violence. It teaches that animals have a message to deliver; it is a message from animals who have experienced broken families, abusive treatment and neglect. These animals have every reason to exhibit aggressive behavior but they choose otherwise. Is there a message here for children of broken homes, abuse and neglect? We at Caring Strokes think there is!

For more informations:

Kevin McCourt new mini album "Under A Lilac Moon"


Regarding "ACMJ" Blog, Kevin McCourt has enjoyed a rewarding career as a musician working and touring with award winning artists from Taylor Dayne to Stevie Wonder.

He has released solo albums and composed/performed on television commercials and multimedia CD-ROMs. His feature film promotional work includes campaigns for “Pearl Harbor,” “Ocean’s 11,” and “Finding Nemo.” His latest project is The Words & Music Series – Short Stories With A Soundtrack!

His influences range from well-loved singer/songwriters like James Taylor and Peter Gabriel to best-selling inspirational writers like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. McCourt culls from both those worlds – music and self-help – to create his art.

1. Lilac Moon
2. Everyday People
3. One Song
4. Roll Away The Stone
5. Auburn Eyes
6. On The Other Side Of This Dream

Debut CD, Tom Timko and the Horn Dogs


Tom Timko, reedman, composer and band leader is an energetic musician and arranger. He has powered some of the top horn groups in the business, most notably, BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS, CHICAGO, TOWER OF POWER and, most recently, GLORIA ESTEFAN and The Miami Sound Machine. Tom has recorded with ELTON JOHN, MANHATTAN TRANSFER, AARON NEVILLE and TOTO as well as playing on Demolition Man, Flatliners and Four Weddings and a Funeral soundtracks.

Tom has taken his musical experience and written, arranged and performed a tour de force Avid Records CD. This debut CD, Tom Timko and the Horn Dogs, blends influences from jazz, Latin, rock, big band and fusion. It even has a flavor of pop, on the scale of bands like Chicago and Blood, Sweat and Tears. It's a signature sound that will get you moving.

The Horn Dogs, a 9-piece band, includes the following musicians: Tom Timko, Sax; Ken Sebesky, Guitar; Jonathon Peretz, Drums; Fred Walcott, Percussion; Steve Jankowski, Trumpet; Ric Fierabracci, Bass; Mike Spengler, Trumpet; Dan Rosengard, Keys; Jens Wendelboe, Trombone.

On June 10th, Timko and his nine-piece band will play at JP Morgan Chase Sounds of the City 2004, the acclaimed outdoor music series at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey.

A 'Jersey Guy' now living in Teaneck, Tom was born and raised in South River, NJ. Having had the opportunity to live and travel across the country, he calls New Jersey home, and is excited to be performing at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center with Sounds of the City.

"Bareback At Big Sky" - New Poco CD


"Bareback at Big Sky". Great music takes the listener somewhere special – in Poco’s Bareback at Big Sky that would be under the stars, bathed by moonlight in the Montana heartland ... Even within a catalog that dates back 35 years (!), Bareback at Big Sky casts a unique spell. It’s Poco’s first unplugged live album, with well-known tunes, never before recorded gems, and a few new ones gathered like a bouquet of blooms, warmed by golden vocal harmonies and rustled by cool whispers of rhythm. This is music with history, yet it’s also alive and immediate: Songs first heard on Under the Gun (1980) or the landmark album Legend (1978) are reborn here, in intimate versions that flow with the newest material, including the never-before-recorded “Bareback.” As each song leads into the next, the lesson of Bareback at Big Sky becomes clear: Poco is a stream that has wound through and nourished American music. Read more...

1. Under the Gun
2. Nothing Less Than Love
3. Every Time I Hear That Train
4. Save a Corner Of Your Heart For Me
5. Barbados
6. If Your Heart Needs a Hand
7. Cajun Moon
8. Never Loved...Never Hurt Like This
9. Midnight Rain
10. What Do People Know
11. Shake It
12. Find Out In Time
13. Too Many Nights Too Long
14. Bareback
15. On The Way Home

"Another Run Around The Sun" by Ben Taylor


Say you're a gifted young artist - someone like BEN TAYLOR, for instance.

You've written a pile of great songs. You've got a way with melody and a mastery of the understated lyric.
You've got a voice that lingers in the air - tuneful, expressive, the kind of voice that makes its impact with the smallest turn of a whispered phrase.
Under normal circumstances, you've got all it takes to make an impression. Some might say you're even a candidate for stardom.

But BEN TAYLOR's circumstance is far from normal. His parents - father James Taylor, mother Carly Simon - are giants of popular music. And with that lineage come the expectations that make ANOTHER RUN AROUND THE SUN a milestone as well as a masterwork.

Of course, there was never any pressure from his family to match their achievements - no pressure, that is, except from BEN himself. He's always kept his standards high - how could he not? And when his sound began to evolve, and invariably it showed signs of influence from those who were closest to him, he found himself at a crossroads that most artists never have to visit.

His choice was whether to deny his birthright, to pack up his music and take it somewhere else for reasons that have nothing to do with the music itself.

Or he could stake his claim on the family land, sing and play the way he wanted to, and against all odds stand as an artist with unique qualities of his own.

It took a while, but with ANOTHER RUN AROUND THE SUN BEN makes that choice - the right choice.

Listening to his album is like slipping into a brand new shirt that feels as comfortable as one you've worn with pleasure before. As you button up and shrug it into place, though, you notice the differences. That combination of the familiar with the new is the key to appreciating BEN TAYLOR.


Track List:
1. Nothing I Can Do
2. Always
3. Someday Soon
4. One Man Day
5. Digest
6. You Must've Fallen
7. Think A Man Would Know
8. I'll Be Fine
9. Surround Me
10. Love

Toto's "Falling in Between" finally finished


Toto finished the mastering of the new album Falling in between, to be released in February next year. Steve Lukather on December 6th: "Doing the last fixes today and it gets shipped to the record company tonight. FINALLY finished!"

The record will include ten songs in the following tracklisting : Falling In Between; Dying On My Feet; Bottom Of Your Soul; King Of The World; Hooked; Simple Life; Taint Your World; Let It Go; Spiritual Man; No End In Sight.

Release date in the whole of Europe and Australia has been set on February the 10th 2006. Domestic releases have been finalized in Japan (on King Records), South Korea (on Pony Canyon Records) and Russia (on IronD Records) with more deals to be announced in Eastern Asia, South America and South Africa.

The album release will be anticipated during January 2006 by the launch on all radios of the single “Bottom Of Your Soul” a song which - in the words of TOTO guitarist Steve Lukather - is “total radio” and that features Joseph Williams (TOTO singer on “The Seventh One and “Fahrenheit”) singing in duet with Lukather himself.