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"Alibi", new album from LAVA!


Lava started as a instrumental band playing jazz/rock, and was founded by Svein Dag Hauge back in Årdal in 1977. After the selftiteled first album LAVA, the band reformed with 5 new members, Marius Müller (guitar), Rolf Graf (bass), Per Kolstad (keyboards), Geir Langslet (keyboards) and Sigurd Køhn (sax) in addition to guitarist Svein Dag Hauge and drummer Per Hillestad. After the successful 2 album ”Cruisin’”, Lava found singer Egil Eldøen, and the lineup stand consistant throughout the 80’s.
In 1983 Lava became Randy Crawfords regular backing band and toured extensively for a period of 10 years around the world. Japan, Australia, UK, The Arabic Emirates, Zwaziland, Zimbabwe iwas visited n addition to several european and scandinavian tours. With two sold out concerts of Royal Albert Hall as one as the most memorable moments.
Lava also recieved a norwegian Grammy for their fourth album ”Fire” (84), and topped the charts with the fifth album ”The Rhythm of Love” (89).

Randy and Lava will work together on a tour this winter and do concerts in the biggest citys of Norway in april 06. She sings on two Lava-albums in duets on ”You” and ”Shine a little light”.

A live DVD with totally live material is planned to be released at the same time. A special box with all the original Lava albums is being released, hopefully this Christmas. The first three albums has never been out on CD, and only ”The best of LAVA” (97) is available in the market. The box will also contain a special ”rarities”-CD with never before released material.


The tragic loss of Sigurd Køhn (sax) in the Tsunami early this year has made a deep impact on the band. The new album ALIBI is dedicated to Sigurd, and the song Tears are not enough is written to explain some of the feelings and thoughts of losing a close friend and great musician, says bassplayer Rolf Graf.

"Alibi" Tracklist:

1/ Closet
2/ Cover Me
3/ Tears Are Not Enough
4/ Alibi
5/ A Matter Of Time
6/ Dangerous Game
7/ Lonely Planet
8/ Change
9/ Breaking Away
10/ Missing You
11/ Wendy′s Painting Pictures


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