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Discover "Recyclable" by DB Clifford!


DB Clifford was born and raised in France but his mother was British so He feels very influenced by both cultures. Being a musician since the age of 13 has taken him around the world and back. He has played many instrument in many different bands, and was once signed to a label in the States and lived in LA for two years but when his mother passed away in 2003, he decided to record his own album to affirm himself as a singer and an artist. He recorded RECYCLABLE by himself in his childhood house, wrote all the songs, arranged them and played all the instruments. In a way, listening to his album is probably the best way to know him as an artist and as a person. his plans are to put a tour together and play his music across the world and the universe if he can! Hopefully he will meet you somewhere along the way, but until then please take a listen and if you like what you hear, feel free to spread it around....

Discover DB Clifford's music universe through his songs...

1/ Simple Things
2/ The world is coming to an end
3/ Don't wanna
4/ Should I wait
5/ Give me another day
6/ I have a dream


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